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all posts This is the blog index, with titles, dates and short description. 2020 October 2020-10-31: Another post without a title 2020-10-30: Watchdogs Legions Viewer Review 2020-10-28: Changing shells 2020-10-27: Plans for November 2020-10-25: Day 86 of #100DaysToOffload 2020-10-24: Day 85 of #100DaysToOffload 2020-10-23: How to install Ubuntu Groovy Gorilla 2020-10-22: New Scorn gameplay video 2020-10-21: DWM picture in picture with floatpos patch 2020-10-20: Smiling 2020-10-19: Amnesia is still the game to beat in horror 2020-10-17: Picture-in-picture mode in dwm? 2020-10-16: Lego with LeoCAD 2020-10-15: Losing myself in Emacs 2020-10-14: It's just rain, all the time 2020-10-12: Forget Youtube 2020-10-11: Why I will never be a streamer? 2020-10-10: Nanowrimo, the perfect distraction for November 2020-10-09: Until Dawn is still fun 2020-10-08: Linux for 14 years 2020-10-07: Reddit with Tuir 2020-10-06: American cancer ads and hypocrites XF 2020-10-03: Stop hyping up Gnome's tiling window feature 2020-10-02: "No customization for a week" challenge 2020-10-01: Remembering Outlast for spooky month 2020 September 2020-09-30: Helping on Twitch when you don't want to backseat 2020/09/29: Why I don't watch Netflix anymore? 2020/09/27: Alternative terminal stuff 2020/09/23: Is Youtube a republican news station? 2020/09/18: Discovering Dmenu 2020/09/12: Spellbreak (opinion) 2020/09/11: Why I don't use dark themes? 2020/09/03: Take easy screenshots with flameshot 2020/09/02: Gaming Magazines Retrospective: 1995 April 2020/09/01: Joe Rogan Missing Episodes on Spotify 2020 August 2020/08/31: Remnant: From the Ashes (Epic Games Store) on Linux 2020/08/30: Epic Games Store on Linux 2020/08/29: Is it worth learning HTML? 2020/08/25: Why am I not following many vegans? 2020/08/24: GOG Harvest sale 2020/08/20: Brave extensions I use 2020/08/17: Sane distros, in an insane world

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