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2020: Lunduke is going OFF social media
and I am too!

I am not a fan of New Year's resolutions, simple because it's more of a trendy fashion, than a real habit change. However this time I will try something that in the past years I did on and off.

Bryan Lunduke's New Year's resolution is: he will get off social media, which he talks about in his latest video. Lunduke himself went off twitter in 2018, but he went back later.

For me it seems easier than for others. I don't have a Facebook account, no Twitter or Instagram either. I have a fediverse account, at a pleroma instance called I already took a break until January 10th, because I don't want to distract myself, while I am doing my weightloss challenge.

I have YouTube, Reddit accounts. I consider youtube a social media, because of the comment section. However I use youtube mostly via Freetube, a program that you can watch youtube and follow channels without logging in to your account, plus you can turn off comments, which is really important to save your sanity. I like reddit, because I have well selected communities, that I occasionally visit, but rarely comment. I get my "news" via RSS reader, hell I could use Emacs elfeed for following youtube channels and downloading/watching videos with mpv. I might do that because Freetube is electron-based and I don't like it.

The second resolution for Lunduke is cellular data, meaning mobile internet. I don't have to think about that, because I am using a feature phone for the last 6 years, and before that. I never had a smartphone. It's not a problem for me. I had a tablet, which was a problem, but not anymore (screen is not reacting 90% of the time, and I dislike touchscreens anyway, unreliable hardware honestly).

I recently started writing more here as a pledge in December to write every day (except 2 days, when I was tired and ill) - and I am enjoying it very much. Ever since I turned to org-mode for handling my website, it feels so simple, I love it!

So I decided that I will turn off my social media accounts (not deleting them, but make my access impossible), including pleroma, youtube, reddit, by the New Year. I know it seems a drastic change for many, but I think it would give me better focus, and balance.

I have a notebook, which I used for my thoughts when I recently went off fediverse. I used it some kind of fedi diary, writing like I would post it on social media. I wonder if I will need it as a crutch for the next year…

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