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Linux Wiki

This is the page, where I collect useful stuff about Linux in different categories. These are solutions mostly for the problems I have encountered in recent years. Not everything is here, I was a little bit too late document, something that happened to me in 2006, and they wouldn't be useful for a newer system anyway.

Last update: 2020-10-07

Latest page added: Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Remastered on Linux really shoudl add date or something

Update: I still need to update this site, please be patient.

Manjaro Linux

  • Manjaro: How to hold back packages from upgrade

Elementary OS

  • Fix GTK theme problems in Elementary OS
  • How to install Brave browser in Elementary OS?
  • How to edit menu in Elementary OS?


  • Vimium shortcuts
  • Play protected content (DRM) with Vivaldi
  • How to style Vivaldi's UI?
  • Firefox: stop automatic play of videos

Multimedia: anything to do with images, videos

  • How to watch Youtube via RSS?
  • How to get video resolution from a video in terminal?
  • How to download images from Instagram on Linux?
  • How to fix sound device switch bug on Ubuntu MATE 19.10 NEW!
  • How to download Youtube playlists on Linux as MP3?

Window manager, DE

  • Java problem in dwm
  • How to use Compiz with Ubuntu MATE 19.10 - Compiz 0.9 and Compiz Reloaded
  • Floating windows in i3wm - how to set windows to float and for a certain size.
  • Hide polybar in i3wm - how to hide polybar with a shortcut, in i3wm. Magical stuff, really!


  • Linux Intel HD screen tearing fix - if you use Intel integrated graphics cards, this surely helps.

Keyboard stuff

  • Small Linux utils: xprop and xev
  • How to switch left Alt and left Windows key - useful Xmodmap stuff for key switching.


  • Slingshot fork, Panther Launcher on Ubuntu MATE


  • Slay the Spire don't start on Linux (GOG)
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Remastered on Linux
  • How to run with games with Steam Proton?
  • Wasteland 2 DC dialogue start fix - if you can't play after the funeral intro
  • How to compile ScummVM on Ubuntu? - with the latest version you can play Blade Runner!
  • Duke Nukem 3D with Eduke32
  • Steam slow download speed, solution
  • How to fix Alan Wake: no sound during cutscenes (Linux)
  • How to force Linux games to use Steam Proton
  • Bioshock 2 Remastered spacebar bug & solution
  • How to Dark Forces on Linux!


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