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Change screen color temperature in Linux

I know that Gnome, KDE and Pantheon (which I think just uses the stuff from Gnome), has their own utility for changing screen color temperature.

Or you can use redshift, which is an independent utility. Changing color temperature of your screen means that you ommit the blue light, which is better

However these are all just bloat, and you can just use sct!

Sct is a small command line utility for X11. I am sure it's part of your distro.

After installation just type in terminal:

$ sct 

It shows you the current value, which is probably 6500k

To change it, just type:

$ sct 3500

Experiment with values, but you can read more about them.

It doesn't do any fancy things, like detecting your location, but you can use cron to change value at a given time.

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