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"Not a big advice giver, but under the circumstances. Don't wait around your life to happen to you. Find something that makes you happy, do it. Because everything else, is just a background noise." – from George Mason (24, Season 2, Episode 10)

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52 books in 52 weeks

This year I have started a long project. I used to read a lot, but ever since computers came into my life, they stole the attention from books. My aim is not just to read as many books as I can (with the minimum of one book per week), but also to reprogram my brain, and create greater focus.

>> Here is the current booklist

About me & the site

My name's parasurv! I like to write about the some tech stuff (games, Linux,etc), but I occasionally write about plantbased stuff, health and culture. If you want to know more about me, check out the ABOUT page, if you want to write to me, see CONTACT. Here some of the stuff I USE.

MICROBLOG is for shorter posts, many of them are just rants or just thoughts, that doesn't require a full page of separate bullshit. The LINKBLOG is for sharing me all kinds of stuff. Both are irregular things.

I revived my RSS, please subscribe if you want to read the latest blog post, microblog or linkblog shares. Thanks!

New stuff on site

See site updates for detailed site log.

March: as you can see, I changed the design again! What can I say I have a problem. This time however I didn't do much work with it, only borrowed the Sakura theme. For the time being it will be the light theme, but I maybe change it later.

Long form posts

If you want to see my earlier posts, visit site updates. In 2022, I will do another #100DaysToOffload, which means that I will write a hundred posts in a year! As you can see, in 2021 I didn't write much, so this will be a nice challenge and change of pace. For more info, check out #100DaysToOffload.

Posts of 2022:

Read / Watch / Listen

Some stuff I like to READ, WATCH or LISTEN to. I updated this constantly.


Decentralised Social Media And The Fediverse: A Great Big Fantasy: a good article about that fediverse maybe decentralized, but not really open to different ideas.


The More You Know About Technology, The More You Hate It!: an excellent video by DistroTube, about how technology takes over our live's, and many of us try to minimize our usage of tech.


OK, I have to write something here, empty space is ugly. So here is my tips. For music listen to Queen, for ASMR listen to Katrine. That's it for now.


A new page about FASTING, first I share my short story, and I will add resources to help anybody who is interested. No I am not a doctor, just an individual who was obese/overweight most his life.

Watch collection

I recently got into watch collecting. I currently have a black & bronze resin version of the Casio Royale (AE-1200WH-5AVEF), which I bought it for the utility, and a Casio A168WA-1YES, which I bought it for the look. My third watch is a Casio MRW-200H-4BVEF, which is the orange version of that line. The 4th and 5th one is the og. Casio F-91W and its grey variant. My 6th watch is the new AE-1500 with negative display (which is beautiful and readable). And the latest one is the Mission Impossible legend, the Casio DW-290, wore by Tom Cruise in the first movie.

Looks like a saying is true: one Casio will never be enough. Hahahha!

My dream watches at the moment: a square G-Shock and the CasiOak (GA-2100 series). I am not really an automatic watch guy, probably because they are out of my reach, price wise, so I don't even dream about them.

Wikis, how-tos, problem solving

Gaming things

Just a bunch of old games, either in original form, or modified to make it playable in the present. Old games stuff

Hosted on Neocities and created with Emacs, the world best text editor, operating system. This website doesn't track you. I don't use any javascript or other scripts. I don't store any information about the visitors. It's just pure old fashioned HTML. Some parts of the site is not up-to-date design wise. I may or may not update them in the future. I don't really support mobile stuff, but I bet if you disable the little CSS I have, you can read the site perfectly.