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How to play Quake, with Quake Epsilon on Linux?

So Quake will have an official source port from Nightdive. Great! It's not like we don't have countless engines and such to play this great game.

Personally I like to use Quakespasm if I want to play Quake in its original form. However if you want something more modern, and flashy, you can try out Epsilon…

What is Epsilon?

"Quake Epsilon is a graphically enhanced build of shareware Quake 1 for Windows/Linux/Mac, which can be upgraded to the full version of Quake along with it's mission packs Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity by copying the full-version .pak files into the correct folders."

It has 4 quality levels, which you can choose from depending on how powerful machine you have. Personally I can play at high, with my potato machine.

How to play Quake Epsilon on Arch Linux?

First: Download the mod from moddb:

Make a directory where you want your game, then extract the files there (check the readme files for instructions, especially for the expansion packs).

Second: At first it's hard to start the game, since it needs dependencies, but the script only knows Debian/Ubuntu language.

You need some dependencies to install, namely the libxxf86dga, linjpeg6-turbo and libpng14.

Third: Switch to terminal to choose you graphics settings:


Note: you only need to this once, or if you are troubleshooting and want to try another setting.

Fourth: And then start the game:


Of course if you want to, just make desktop/menu shortcut for easy use.

Fifth: Happy fragging!

Tip for choosing nightmare difficulty: it's hidden behind the hard skill door.

What about the music?

The music works as well. It has a placeholder music, and you need to copy the original one to the id1/music directory (create it, if you don't have one), and delete the quake1_music_diabolipak.pk3 file in the id1 folder.

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