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I lied to you
sorry I am the laziest person you ever going to read…

Sorry, I won't be making veganuary posts this January. I probably will make a link posts with some resources towards the end of the month. And I won't post about anything this month probably. I am a little bit tired of the internet at the moment and I am trying to get order in my life, that doesn't revolve around computers, tech and the internet. One might say that I am going through a fatigue phase. I am using the internet since mid 1990s and it changed so much for the worse. I don't want to act as some person who lives in a high castle, but I am just tired of some of corners of the internet. So I am now working on shrinking the spaces where I go.


In other news ex-vegan, now anti-vegan Jacko Wacko, here is nice picture about how to NOT peel potato. I mean come on, he never watched his parents cook? It's not rocket science, it is one of simplest thing to do in the kitchen. And look at that mess he made?! How the hell can you not peel a simple potato?!!!! No wonder he was junkfood vegan, he doesn't know how to prepare and cook real food… For good sake, learn to cook people! If I could you can too, believe me! You feel better about yourself too!

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