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When you run out of ideas…

Date: 2019/12/13

We are almost halfway of December, and I am still doing this posting every day thing. One day I will also install RSS, heheh.

Oh yes, just post every day of December. But today I can't really think of any topic I'd like to do, or have energy to do. I am fucking tired. I was up all day, I couldn't take a nap during the day, because I was busy, and then I had to cook, which I did, and it turned out one of the best meals I have every created. There is no recipe, as usual I just throw stuff together… Weirdly this wasn't even the recipe I wanted to do, but I wanted to do something quick, instead I was patient and it turned out amazing.

Then I continued to read, and watched some snooker.

I also read some RSS stuff, like DXVK in trouble, and others.

Oh, and I bought Layers of Fear on GOG sale, because it was cheap, and I am cheap. This is the first game, second game is Linux only. I am looking forward to playing it, maybe today.

So, yeah, not much is happening. Tomorrow I weight myself and I am under 67.4, then I will return to the fediverse and I start haunting every Linux gamer, with my GOG posts until the Winter Sale ends, hehe.

See ya, tomorrow!

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