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First weekend without social media

This is an updated post, instead of 3 separate posts, it's now in one.

On Friday I made a commitment to myself: no social media for this weekend. This includes pleroma, youtube (except ASMR, Jimmy Broadbent, music and funny videos - however exclude vegan debates, and others), and reddit.

I've never done this before, I was always kind of an addict. Like even if I knew that it's bad for me, because I could be so angry sometimes, and I just couldn't stay away, and checking many times what others are saying. It's not healthy for me, and it was clearly an addiction. I gave too much crap what others are saying either about me, or the stuff I am interested in.


It's much better now though. I never had a smartphone and my tablet is just sitting in the drawer (it has screen problems, basically useless), and I can control my urge much better, than before. However I felt that this week for me was a little bit too much on pleroma and I wanted to take a break. It's also a challenge for me, and I am so glad I am doing this. Here is how my Friday went and a possible result of it.

What I did, that I put the addresses in a host file to block it on my network. The problem with this, I can simple re-enable at any time. It's still on me, if I do that. But so far it's going well. On Friday I declared these intentions on Pleroma in the morning, then I had to go to the city, which takes time because of the transportation system. Then when I got home (walked home) and needed to done some important stuff, I had to go back to the city again (this time it was fast though). So by the time I could sit down in front of the computer it was already mid-afternoon. I had no time to think about social media.

The rest of the day I didn't checked youtube until late evening, that's when usually I check for ASMR stuff, which gets me to sleep.

No reddit, no commenting on youtube (almost at one time). It was a good day.

And here is Saturday morning at 10, I weight myself and I am 60.5 kg. This is the lowest I have ever been in my adult life. This is officially 22.1 kg less, than last October, and compare to 2014 (when my mother died), I was around 64 kg. Recently I was stuck around 62 kg, and I wonder this Friday, the walk home, the not going on social media and getting my bloodpressure a little bit up. Is less stress is a contributing factor in weightloss? I will definitely keep that in my mind. I eat more or less the same stuff. This will be a potato weekend for me. I love potatoes!

Now it's Saturday and I am listening to wafflesbeware playing the piano. I discovered her recently, because Lara hosted her. Surprisingly I got a sub from somebody, and because it was still subtember I could renew it for $1. Twitch is different for me I watch it to have fun, and to speak to others sometimes. It's a much better entertainment than TV. Plus piano music is so relaxing and I always admired people who can play the piano.

I will write about this "no social media for the weekend" experiment on Monday. See you, then!

Note: Later today there will be a Parasurv's Weekly post. I decided not to stick religiously to Friday for posting, but to make an effort to post on the weekend. Less pressure, more fun. Probably.


Spent most of my time at home, so I'd have thought that the temptation to use pleroma, reddit, would be bigger. But when you can play a good game like Shadow Warrior, there is no choice, haha. That game is so good. I usually play FPS games on easy difficulty because I don't have good reflexes, and I am not a fast person, but this week I started on normal, and I haven't felt the need to change. So I played a few hours here and there.

In the evening I watched the Fiona Oakes documentary, called 'Running for Good'. She holds several records for marathon running, in various conditions and on various continents. Amazing woman, and she is doing it for the animals. She and her partner have a big animal sanctuary, and she works and helps the animals every single day. She also doing this with only one kneecap. Fiona went through 17 surgeries and the doctors told her, she might not be able to walk ever again.

Her achievement and dedication is amazing. The documentary is beautifully shot, too. It's about a week long marathon in a desert. I highly recommend it to watch it: you can rent or buy it on Vimeo, but if you buy it, you can download a copy of it, which is pretty cool in my opinion.

I usually don't watch documentaries, and I surprised myself. Also it was free during the last few days, but I plan to buy it, sometimes this year, and every time I feel down or depressed I will watch it. There is no reason for complaining, when other people are expanding their mental and physical capabilities all the time. Very inspiring.

And now I am going for a long walk. The weather is still good, no excuses…


I have to say this was an uneventful weekend for me. Which is probably why I was surprised, that I had no desire to check what's happening in the fediverse, or to share some stuff. It can wait. I can post them on Monday, or when I will be back.

I feel that I can definitely do an offline weekend, or a computer-less weekend.

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