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Some thoughts about Thief Deadly Shadows

Date: 2020/04/10

In the last couple of days I tried to make Deadly Shadows work. My main problem was that I couldn't adjust in-game brightness. It didn't want to change according to the scale, but only had 3 state: very dark, dark and very light. I tried to adjust nvidia settings too, but it was such a hassle.

And funnily enough I must have changed something on my Sneaky setup that basically triggered to game to work properly. I had no other problems, the game plays nicely.

What is Thief Deadly Shadows?

Deadly Shadows is the third and final chapter of master thief Garrett. Unlike the first two games, this was made by Ion Storm after Looking Glass Studos went bankrupt and Eidos picked up the leftovers.

The game development went through phases, features had to be cut, etc. But the game is very much playable, and I have to say it is a nice surprise. I only played the tutorial mission when the game came out, and I never go further.

Deadly Shadows has some interesting features. You can see your body, your arm and what weapon you are holding, when you are looking down, however you don't see your arm if you looking forward. Pretty cool, and much better than in the reboot.

There are no briefing videos, only Garrett's thoughts, and there is no pre-mission shop either, instead we have to walk to vendor in the City, and the same goes for selling stuff we have stolen. The City is a pretty cool addition, and we have to sneak through certain parts, because the guards are looking for us.

Many people dislike The City hub, but I like it more and more. It adds to the atmosphere and you can find some interesting things going through. Like when I accidently heard a person talking to Garrett. Somebody hired me, but instead he got the fake me. That was pretty funny. Or when you hear two people talk about going into a certain building and you can steal the map off that building from his belt. Pretty awesome, right?

Sneaky Upgrade

This is a fan made patch with many useful cosmetic and gameplay upgrades. I am pretty sure that when I turned off the "minimalistic" part of it, the brightness setup corrected itself. Or I don't know.

It's a must have patch, you can have widescreen support, old Thief I-II interface, fan mission support and many simple tweaks that would require digging in .ini files, but here is just a simple checkbox.

Download Sneaky Upgrade from moddb

Other than the brightness problem, I have no complain about it.

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