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Listening habits
I haven't installed Spotify on Slackware…

June 23th 2020

I simple can't live without listening to music. I use various sources to listen to music. I remember the days when I used Jamendo daily…

I like to listen to music locally, on my desktop computer. I use mpd and ncmpcpp for that, because it's easy to use, it doesn't use almost any resources, and very usable without much dependency on any desktop environment.

Other than that I used to use Spotify, but since I have installed Slackware almost a month ago, I completely forgot about it. Honestly Spotify is a shitty service for listening to music. Simple because they move music. I rememeber the first time when I discovered that my saved album now has 3 listenable track from like 15. Yes, Spotify greyed out most of the tracks, and I couldn't listen to it. I still don't know how that works, but that's what you get from a proprietary streaming service…

As much as I find Joe Rogan's guests interesting, I think I will find an alternative way to listen to his podcast.

Instead I use youtube mostly to get music. A simple search on the site and download with youtube-dl, from terminal, with the following command, that I simple added as an alias in my ~/.bashrc file.

$ youtube-dl --add-metadata -x --audio-format mp3

Of course you can change the file format to anything you like. I just use mp3, because my old feature phone doesn't support ogg. I just transfer them to my phone via when I need them.

However there is an even easier way to do this, with mps-youtube, which is also a command line tool for search and download from youtube.

What I sill couldn't solve though is how I can use elfeed in Emacs to listen to podcasts. That would be my next step, refining my listening habits in Linux.

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