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Ambient noises on Linux with Anoise

May 17th 2020

I had a nice surprise today, when I was reading RSS. One article mentioned productivity software, and an old favorite of mine popped up, Anoise. It's an old software for playing ambient noises, I used to use when I was on Ubuntu a couple of years ago. But it looked abandoned in the past few years, still I wanted to check the devs page and to my surprise it moved from Launchpad to Github, and it seem to be active again!

Anoise is a simple software that plays ambient noises, like forest sounds, rain, coffee shop, sea, storm, wind, etc. It was originally for Unity, but you can use it on Gnome with an extension, and to my awe, you can use it on Elementary OS too. It will be under the sound volume icon, just as the rest of sound related programs.


If you want to play your own sounds, you put the files (either ogg or mp3) into your home directory to ~/.Anoise or ~/Anoise, according to the website.

There are community made sounds, which you can install it.

I am happy that this works again, check it out if you are interested!

This was the day 16 of #100DaysToOffload

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