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One thing about New Year's Resolutions

Date: 2020/01/01

People are giving up these resolutions after a week. It's a fact. Most likely because they post it on social media, talk about it with their friends and family.

Talking about is not enough. Posting about it is nothin. Show it if you mean it. If you really want to do it. Just do, but do not talk. It means that if you want to lose weight you go to the groceries and buy food and ingredients for the week, and you cook accordingly. You also go outside and move or go to the gym every other day. Consistently showing up, doing what you need to do matters. Facebook, twitter is not showing up.

The only people that matters in that regard is your family and friends. Personal contact. People who can see the change, and appreciate the effort you make each and every day to change your life. And it will feel good, and you will do it more, because it gives other to do it to!

Show, don't tell, is not just a practice for visual medium like movies and TV. It's for us, regular people with hopes and dreams to make our life better…

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