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MangoHud, fps overlay for Linux

I saw somebody mentioning MangoHud yesterday on Mastodon, and I had to try it, even though it was late evening. It's a Vulkan/OpenGL fps overlay. It has a CPU/GPU monitor, shows your fps and you can see if the game uses DXVK or OpenGL.

I tried it with the first XCOM, as it is what I play mostly nowadays (great with controller btw). And it works!

It's easy to use once you install it. Basically

mangohud game_executable

or for Steam games

mangohud %command%

And this is how it looks (it's much smaller, it only looks big on my site):


The installation is super easy. We have flatpak option, and package for Fedora, plus it's in AUR too. If you are building from source, the script will help you installing the dependencies on major distros. I had no problem with compiling on Elementary OS.

There are a bunch of configuration options, what to show, colors, fonts, etc. You can toggle the whole hud with F12. It allows per software config, which is great.

More about it, check out the MangoHud Github page!

As I mentioned on the main page, I was ill for a little this week. I am getting better now, so expect more posts! The #100DaysToOffload changed to 100 posts per year instead of 100 days straight. This was day 15!

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