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Winter sale at GOG, with free Wasteland 2!

Date: 2019/12/12

GOG started their annual end of the year sale, and for a limited time Wasteland 2 Director's Cut edition is free! And by limited I mean for like 30 hours.


Basically the whole catalogue is on sale right now. It's a DRM-free heaven! If you want games for really cheap, check out the games with 90% off! Even Hyper Light Drifter is on sale, which usually doesn't happen very often.

I bought Everspace a few days ago for 85% off, and it is still on sale. Great space shooter with roguelight mechanics.

Aragami is a ninja like game, with some stylized graphics. If you want some puzzle challenge and you like programming, check out TIS-100!

This year's nice surprise, Ion Fury is also 20% off, great retro shooter which uses the modified Eduke32 engine. Legendary platformer, Hollow Knight.

Legendary cRPG, Planescape Torment is 30% off.

We have so many wargames from the soldier point of view, but in This War of Mine, we finally can play the civilian. Can you survive a civil war in a small country? This was one of the surprising titles of 2014, and now it's final update is out.

Also, roguelite turn-based strategy game, Invisible Inc has a nice discount of 75%.

These are all Linux supported games btw, but you can play older Windows titles with wine. As always I cannot recommend adamhm's scripts enough.

There are many more games that I could recommend, but it would be freaking long post. Instead just go to


If you are a fan of the old Fallout series, you can redeem Wasteland 2 Director's Cut edition for free (limited). It's the definite edition, with soundtracks in mp3 and flac, artbook, hd wallpapers, map, reference card and manual. The game also comes with the original Wasteland. Many of the devs were former Fallout devs, from the older days, before the series turned to first person.

If you have problem on Linux, when the first dialogue doesn't show after the intro, I have found the solution.

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