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Clickfest games, 21st century madness

Last year a bunch of good games become 20 years old. I am talking about Half-Life, Unreal, Star Craft, Thief: The Dark Project. They are from the previous century, which in the end gave us 3D acceleration, and fancy graphics.

And now we have fucking Path of Exile and Borderlands 3 on our hands. Shitty clickfest games, very fast paced for the twitchy mobile generation. Quick progression, getting better and better weapons by the minute. Damage numbers on screens to satisfy the eye and brain that you are doing something in that world. No stories, or very lame ones, that nobody remembers after they played the game. Ultimately meaningless.

I miss the old singple player experience, where you had a character and thrown into the world to explore. Right now more and more games are open world, where we are going to be busy to do insane small stuff. Go there collect this shit, get back to the reward. Kill some meanningless 15 enemies of one type, get back to the reward. Congrats you got a weapon that has +3 damage than your current weapon! Are you happy people?

Fucking Rage become Borderlands, and Far Cry did their clone too. You also want to drive and fly right?

Well fucking Terminator Future Shock did it all, in 1995! We could drive and shoot, and fly and shoot. Without fancy graphics or quest markers and other bullshit.

There is no skill in those games either. Everything ties to statistics of your items. You gain levels so you are tougher to kill. It's not your skill that lands you the finishing blow to an enemy, but wheather you have critical hit +14 for that weapon. Anyone can aim a crosshair and push buttons, why would you help it with statistics. If you balance your game, difficulty settings would be enough for a more challenging game.

It's fucking boring too. Gamedevs become lazy. Bordomelands 3 looks like BL2 with an upgraded engine and some new gamemechanics and items. The whole surrounding is very similar, characters are similar, voice acting is not better and the jokes are not funny.

If you don't know Borderlands series is basically Diablo in first person shooter form. You have quest you are doing, you get XP for killing enemies and finishing quests and then you get weapons, or you can buy weapons and you pray for RNG at the red chests. And then there is farming too. Kill the same enemy over and over again in hopes for better drops. Isn't that just gambling?

I am a patient gamer, who plays games sometimes 10 years after they got released. But I am slowly turning into a retro player, who plays everything before 2005 or even 2000 because I am fed up with the current trends. There are so many games that I didn't play when I was young, and thanks to GOG I can play them now!

And I am not fucking sorry for the swears. I am just fucking tired that Borderlands, POE and Warframe can be a game of the year contender. What a shitty world we live in…

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