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Life update: November 2018

As you probably can see, I haven't written anything in the past month, until today. Sadly life has creeped upon me, and not in a good way. Due to different commitments I couldn't post Parasurv's Weekly. I will rename that thing, heheh.

My brother and his family visited the past 10 days, and it mentally drained me too much. Not much proper rest or sleep. Too much emotional stuff. I am still such a fraking sponge sometimes (as in I can take every problem in, every emotional sutff), and it doesn't matter how many times I say NO. I am afraid that one day I will either explode and tell them to frak off, or just cut them off completely. Right now I feel that not much ground left between these two options. :(

On the top of it, 3 days before the start I decided to take another shot at NaNoWriMo. First day was so good, I am sure I got high from it, hehe. The other days, not so much, in fact the opposite.

My intention is that slowly to get back my energy and start writing again, here and for nano too. I think I need about 2 weeks to get better, until then I just write something every single day.

In fact I already started it by sleeping 12 hours straight (it was so good!) and I wrote a post about [my favorite window manager][[ of all time. :)

Oh, I totally forgot, that I registered on 2 social networks: [nerdica] and [diaspora social]. So far they are both interesting, but I am not that active on them. I think nerdica is better, I can follow people I already followed on pleroma. I like the cleaner look for conversations. Plus I had the funny experience, not knowing how to change my profile picture, and it took me like 5 days to figure it out. Funny, epic fail.

So this is my short update, just if you read this, you don't have to give up on me. Because I don't give up on myself either. :)

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