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How do you Get Over It?
the ultimate answer for the meaning of the universe, or something else?

This game was on my wishlist even before it came out on Linux. I think that Getting Over It is a game about making friends. Making friends with our failure and try again, not because we are competitive (I am the least competittive person you will ever know), but because we are curious where the path leads us. Now in the game it's a set path, for every person who tries to get to the top, it's the same. In real life, it's different for everyone.


So far I am over the first hour mark. Made some progress knowing the bottom part of the mountain, fall many times. I don't really care at the moment about the top, I want to get the mechanics of the game, how to move. I'd not able to describe for others how to move, everyone has to experience it for themself. Momentum matters in this game, also slowing down. Unless you aim for speedrunning the game. Which you totally can after you get the hardest achievement in the game: get to the top for the first time.

This is a game where it doesn't matter if you saw the ending, or the whole game, because you still have to play it, and you still have to manuover the place. It's not an FPS game where you can just shoot your way out, or an adventure game where you just look up the puzzle solution and move on. Getting Over It is probably the most active game you will ever play.

The game is on sale at Steam, 50% off and you can refund it before you reach the 2 hour mark, but you don't want to. Because you have to get over it…

Little tip: if you have setup hot corners in your OS, do not play the game in Windowed mode, since it will trigger whatever action you have on them.

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