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Vegans and salad

Date: 2019/12/09

Note: this post is part of my new series of posting every day for December.

Salad is the stereotipical food of vegans from a non-vegan point of view. People think that all that we are eat are various salads, and nothing more. It can not be more far from the truth. While salad is a good sidedish, I mainly use it as a snack. It's lightweight, I know that I will never get full from it, but it can still satisfy me until the next meal.

I usually just chop greens together with tomatoes, onions, chickpeas, beans and pour some souce on it, and I am good to go! If you want to make it a little bit more carb heavy (which is always good btw, do NOT be afraid of carbs) cook some pasta, and mix it with the salad! Killer combo. You can mix it with potatoes or couscous or other grains too.

I really tired of people imagining the vegan lifestyle as some restrictive diet, meanwhile Mikhaila Peterson promotes her "Lion diet" which consist of 3 ingredients only, all the time.

Greens have important stuff in them, and you can't just ignore them, just because they are labeled "rabbit food" by the humans, who can only stuff their face with dead animals.

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