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Five vegan Youtube to follow in 2019

Date: 2019/01/08

There are so many vegan channels to choose from, but here is five that you can rely if you are on your vegan journey.


I think Lily was the first vegan youtuber I discovered on youtube. She is passionate about veganism, and she focus mainly on the health side of things. She helped me navigate the dos and donts of wholefood plant-based path, which is the only path worth following in my opinion.

Lilykoi on Youtube

Plant Based Athlete

Another no-bullshit vegan. Well in his 40s still physically active, and recently like to make fun of ex-vegans who just simple gave up, because of the purity mindset that they forced on themselves. He is the one who keeps me on my journey, and I will forever grateful for his videos.

Plant Based Athlete on Youtube

Joey Carbstrong

Vegan activist, who likes to go on streets and introduce people to veganism. Really good debater, and sometimes he makes recipe videos too. Coming from a troubled background, he turned his life around thanks to veganism.

Joey Carbstrong on Youtube

Sarah's Vegan Kitchen

She is a very talented young lady, who show us that veganism is not a restricted lifestyle.

Sarah's Vegan Kitchen on Youtube

It doesn't taste like chicken

Sam coming from a family a butchers and hunters, now a vegan. Her recipes will surely help anybody to transition to veganism better and more tasteful.

It doesn't taste like chicken on Youtube

Honorary mention: Because every list has to have some.

Earthling Ed

Probably the most patient and kind vegan activist you'll ever see. Seriously.

Earthling Ed on Youtube

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