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Parasurv's Random Links #10

Date: 2020/01/02

Yay, we are back! There is no separate RSS for it yet, but it's coming…


We have many alternative phones for elderly people with bigger buttons and bigger fonts, but here is an open-source launcher for Android phones. It's called BaldPhone, and looks pretty cool. I for one would use it, as I don't like icon filled screens where I constantly need to look for what I want choose. Video demo is in the article.

It's shame that so called open source journalist like Swapnil Bhartiya or Steven Vaughn Nichols are now talking about Microsoft, Apple and cloud stuff more than free software. I guess they write about who puts money in their pocket… :(

Here are Bryan Lunduke's computer industry predictions [ link] for 2020. If you don't want to watch the video, here is the article [patreon link].

OMGUbuntu! had a survey on their site about the best Ubuntu release of the last decade.

Vegan stuff

Do you have trouble insipired in the kitchen? Here are 35 easy plant based recipes for this year and beyond of course.

Ryan Adams of Weightloss Mastery, talks about your health goal and how to make it work this year.

Quality Gains talks about veganuary.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau talks about her 5 favorite food.

Liv B shares what she eats after the holidays.

And for the last vid, here is Healthy Crazy Cool's end of 2019 video. The Happy Pear also did the decade of Vegan video.

Movie trailers

Because every successful movie now has to have a sequel, here is A Quiet Place: Part II, with Emily Blunt, so probably even if I am opposing to this, I will see the movie sometime…

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