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Entertainment in isolation

Date: 2020/04/13

So our world is gone a little crazy. You are healthy, but you are inside for most of the time. What do you do, outside of work? (if you have one)

Thanks to the internet we now a tons of options to keep ourself occupied. We can read, listen, play and learn stuff, and choosing is hard.


Do not read news or social media. Spend on it 5 minutes each day, and you will know what's happening, virus or not. Instead look around your home and pick a book you've never read. You can also buy or find free ebooks on the internet.


Netflix bugs me for weeks now to buy their shit again. I mean I only used their service for free, 2 times now.

My recommendation? Watch something that you generally don't like. If you are not a fan of horror movies, watch 'Alien' (you can thank me later). If you don't like fantasy movies, watch 'Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring'. Do you want to watch a good action movie, go with 'Atomic Blonde'. Seriously that movie is so underrated, and it has the best hand-to-hand combat scenes since the original Bourne movies (and no shaky cam bullshit either, and excellent stuntwork).


Don't even start it. You have so many games on backlogs that it would take you years to finish half of it! And I saw your wishlist too!

Anyway these are the games I spent (and continue to spend) my time.

Spec Ops: The Line I play this currently for the second time, after I swore that I will never play it again. But the game's story is good, despite the mechanics are ancient, repetitive and boring generic 3rd person, covershooter. This game had no right to be this good! Yet if you hire a writer who knows what he wants to do. The game is the successful subversion of our expectation! (not Rian Johnson style)

Also do not play this game if you are depressed, because it's just make you feel more shit.

Thief: Deadly Shadows The third and final game of the Thief series, with a city sub, better graphics and incredible well made atmosphere. I am only on the third mission, and it's similarly interesting like the first 2. I know it's less well liked, but with the Sneaky upgrade the game is really playable, and you have a tons of options to customize it.

Btw I still haven't finished the first two, currently on the penultimate mission in Thief Gold, and on the last mission in Thief 2. Plus I also dipped in the fan made campaign, Thief 2X: The Shadow of the Metal Age (which is quality work from the fans!).

HITMAN Because with all caps, it's just a new game! Jokes aside this game is good! You get only 6-7 missions, but it's basically a sandbox paradise. You gather intel, and you wait for your opportunities (even the game call it like that), and make your move. I bought it - hey I have money from a refund, got to spend it on something - after the free weekend and I was impressed. I am in my stealth game phase currently, so I am mostly occupied with this. Sadly my harddrive too, with 67 GB of HITMAN.

Games recommendation

I have to say I have none. GOG sale ended two weeks ago and Steam is always on option, if you find something that's not on our DRM-free website.

Heroes of Might & Magic 3: Complete Edition It's on sale at GOG, and it can give you tons of hours of fantasy turn-based strategy. I played only the second game of the series, but it's a classic! Buy it here!

Dead Space If real life virus isn't enough for you, what about outer space aliens? Dead Space is a classic 3rd person horror game. It's on sale at GOG!

Star Wars Rebel Assault I-II. Want to play a SW game that has better story than Disney Star Wars? Play these classic FMW action games of the '90s. And they are not easy at all! Check them out on GOG!

Bioshock trilogy also on sale at GOG, you can't go wrong with that series, if you are looking for an atmospheric and story-driven fps game. And every game will give you something different!

Stay healthy, stay at home and cheer yourself up!

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