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Elementary OS 2020 March update

So far I have to say that I like Elementary OS Hera very much. It's not perfect, for example recently the wingpanel started to disappear, when I use the Applications launcher with keyboard shortcut. I don't know why.

However despite what's going on in the world the Elementary OS dev team continues to work on this distro. These are the new updates for March, which you can get through AppCenter.

The following is just a summary, and my opinion and experience of this update. Read about the changes in detail on the Elementary OS blog.


I don't really care about it, as I use Emacs for every editing needs of mine.


Small changes, and buxfixes. I also welcome this years change that you can finally see keyboard shortcuts in the context (right click) menu.

Panel & Indicators

These are big changes and bugfixes. If I'd drink alcohol, I'd open a champaigne bottle for these changes. Indicators are seemingly much more closer to each other, so if you have 5-6 programs running it won't touch the clock in the middle.

Plus there were bugs in the notifications if you listened to something without proper information about the artist.

They also reduced memory footprints, which is also welcome, since the panel is an integral part of the system.

System Settings

Looks like we now can modify mouse sizes (like one normal, a bigger and a biggest). And they did mostly accessibility fixes. And they improved the design of the Wireless page.


We can now see keyboard shortcuts in the contextual menu of title and headerbars. I welcome any good changes that promote more and accessable keyboard usage.

They also fixed the "Gala Background Services" which started at login. And they retired one component, and we can say goodbye to long shutdown times.

And many more!

As I said, check out the new changes on the Elementary OS blog. Personally I am impressed with the system since Hera, and I hope the dev team and contributors continue to work on this solid distro.

If you want to download Elementary OS, you can do it here.

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