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Created a pixelfed account, about food

June 2nd 2020

After thinking about a long time, yesterday I opened a pixelfed account at, which is the largest instance. I am not a big fan of instagram, and it's culture of fake pictures of fake people, with their perfect pictures in their perfectly set up environment.

I gave it a go for pixelfed, because recently I have deleted my bio on, and only wrote this: "I frakking love cooking (and also BSG)." and nothing else. I want to write and post about less tech stuff, and more what I feel I am, what makes me happy right now, what inspires me.

And right now, it is cooking! It makes me relax and takes to a different place. I want to share with what I make, although I only have a crappy camera and an old mobilephone.

So if you want to follow me - no pictures yet - click here and see if you like it!

Day 23 of #100DaysToOffload.

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