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Dear Diary

May 19th 2020

I am sorry I never kept you. Not constantly anyway. I had these few days when I had the urge to write, but nothing remotely serious.

And then comes periods of our life when we should probably make a diary. One was like, when I got cancer 10 and a half years ago. People around told me to write one, but never did. However for some reason I have some well taken memories from that period. It's increadible how many things I remember from that time. Both good and bad ones. Like the pain in my back before my first chemo, and the relieve that it's gone after it. Or my first normal roommate, who encouraged me to go out with him one day, which was tiring, but so satisfying to get out of bad. Or the later days when I had to get blood, because of a bad test, and waiting late evening, until it arrived. And the terrible decisions, when I was so weak that I questioned myself every time: should I go or shouldn't go to the toilet?

Compare to that experience, nowadays the pandemic is so uneventful, that I am bored. More pissed really, because I want to go out. I love walking, but I can't really risk it, especially now that some things are less tighter than a month ago. I am not complaining however. I am lucky, there are many shops around here, safe walking distance, and honestly this is a small city. But still better safe than sorry.

I had some days when I wrote some things about this situation, but nothing worthy to publish, except maybe my jokes about toilet paper zombies. That other virus that caused people to buy toilet papers in excessive amount. Luckily the whole thing died down now. :)

So don't worry about not having a diary these days, your memories will live on. Unless of course you have some brain damage, which sucks.

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