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How to do vertical tabs in Firefox?

I will tell you a big secret. For a while now, I dislike horizontal tabs in my browsers. Simply I have so many tabs open at the same time - sometimes 30-50 - that it is really hard to keep tabs on them (pun intended).

I was so happy to find out that Qutebrowser has an option for vertical tabs, but unfortunetly Firefox devs still living in the last decade. Most people I am sure has widescreen monitors, yet we have no option for vertical tabs.

I am sure there are many solution for Firefox, here is what I use in Manjaro Linux, but you can use it on any operating system.

Step 1.: use the Tab Center Redux extension

From description:

"Tab Center Redux allows you to organize your tabs vertically in the browser's sidebar. It aims to be easy to use while mimicking the vanilla Firefox experience. The extension provides a handful of of settings and allows power-users to customize its appearance completely with CSS code."

You download and install the extension from Firefox Add-ons page.

You can adjust the design and certain elements with CSS, and easily hide the tab bar with a shortcut.

There is a bug in Firefox though, and we can still see the horizontal tabs, when we have this addon. This is where the second step comes in…

Step 2.: hide horinzontal tabbar with CSS

For this we need to edit or create a file in our Firefox profile. In Linux you have this in your home folder:


The 'profilename' is usually a randomly named folder. Most people only have one, so it is easy to find. You need to create the 'userChrome.css' file with your favorite text editor if you don't have one, and put this line of CSS and save it, then restart Firefox.

#tabbrowser-tabs { visibility: collapse !important; }

The Tab Center Redux github page has other CSS modifications.

If you have any question, you can find me on fediverse or via email!

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