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A few words about The Mandalorian
An old fashion Star Wars story, with a mysterious character…

Date: 2019/11/30

Here are my thoughts about The Mandalorian, based on the first 3 episodes. The generally received very well - and I like it too - because it is simple a fun, adventure story about a bounty hunter. The story plays some years after the Return of the Jedi.

It has very minimal, very rough look. There is no clean world here, everywhere he goes, is dirty, underground places or out in the wild (with the Jawas).

And the music is also nice, thanks to a Swedish composer, Ludwig Göransson, who stayed away from the usual Star Wars music, and it give the Mandalorian its own character.

The episodes are not long, and only focuses on the bounty hunter only, which makes it though the episodes are longer. The actions scenes are well shot, and the CGI scenes are alright. I think the focus on character definitely benefits the movie, and not rely on too much computer stuff.

The bounty hunter is cool, but not flawless, he makes plenty of mistakes, and he also has a heart of gold.

And I don't talk about an important creature that pops up at the end of the first episode, because you probably already know who he is. Although we definitely don't know where he came from…

Anyway I can recommend The Mandalorian, as I said, a fun, adventure show from an older time, with much needed character focus.

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