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I am going back to Slackware!

May 27th 2020

I have been using Linux as a solo OS on my computer since October 8th 2006. Since then a I used countless distros, but I have never learned so much about the system as on Slackware. At first I used Zenwalk as an introduction, which had dependency checking and a pretty normal package manager, after I got familiar with that, I switched to Slackware late 2007 and used it for little more than a year.

I think it's time for me to go back to the distro that gave me so much encouragement that I can actually learn this system. I learnt how to hunt dependencies, and compile from source. Plus it was a joy [insert evil laugh] that the founder hated Gnome, and it was a KDE based distro. :) Guess what? Gnome is still shit

Of course Linux is too big to know ALL of it, but what's amazing that you need to know all of it, to enjoy it! Plus what's great about Slackware, that while it's the oldest active distribution, that anybody can install it, unlike a certain distro which requires you to have PhD! (khm, starts with A…)

While I told you that I will be using Elementary OS this year, I think I have a little bit of time until Elementary 6 is ready. Or maybe I will "stuck" with Slackware this time.

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