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Vertical mouse review and finger positions

Date: 2020/04/28

Note: I am not a doctor. So don't take this 100%, as everybody has different problems in front of the computer. This is not a medical advice, just my own experience.

Near toward the end of last year I switched to a vertical mouse. I had sometimes pain in my hand, but mostly in my upper arm. I already switched to a smaller keyboard 2 years ago, and it helped me greatly, because I also type a lot, and I don't need the numeric part of the keyboard.

After some search on the internet and some live tryouts - which for I had to travel more than 120 km - I finally settled for a cheaper Trust vertical mouse. My concern was the size, as I have a smaller hand for a man, and I didn't see enough difference in sizes for vertical mouse.

The Trust Verto ergonomic mouse is a standard USB wired one, with 5 buttons and a wheel. You can change the dpi with one, 1000 or 1600 dpi. It has a back and forward button for browsers or in games (which I had no problem with under Linux). It has a slight blue light on the side, which doesn't bother me at all. If you want to see a longer video, watch this (it's in Turkish I think).


Picture: Trust Verto Ergonomic mouse

I am a right handed person, and before the switch to vertical mouse, I started experimenting with left handed button order on my mouse. Originally as I held the mouse I more frequently used my middle finger for right clicks, and left clicks started to be a little bit more difficult with my index finger. So I switched the buttons in my operating system, and gave it a try.

I have to say using my mouse become so much better this way, and when I finally got the vertical mouse, it was even more helpful for me. I also got used to scrolling with the mouse wheel much less, and if I do it, I use my index finger for that, and when I used my regular mouse I used the middle finger for that.

Using a vertical mouse I have much less pressure on my wrist. I have less pain and I can move the mouse much easily. What was amazing that it took me a few days, less than a week, to get adjusted to the new position. I am using it for more than 5 months now, and I am very happy with it. I also like that it's in good price range, costs the same as a regular mouse, so if somethings happens with it, I can replace it easily.

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