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Some vegan recipes I will try this week
Experimenting in the kitchen is fun!

Date: 2020/04/19

This is day 3 of #100DaysToOffload, and I try to write something meaningful every day, and try to not just make one type of post for a week…

So here is a world wide pandemic, and suddenly people starting going vegan?! I mean the first days in my country: no pasta, no rice, veggies and canned foods are almost out. Vegan food is suddenly good now? Fucking hypocrites! xD (if you can't read my smilies, of course I am kidding, I am happy that people are discovering better food)

Welcome to my world, and in this post I share some recipes that I found the last few days, and want to try it next.

Apple pie baked oatmeal - I love oatmeal and apples, and this is liked a baked variation of a normal oatmeal.

Smoked apple veggie burger - this looks like an interesting take on burgers. It's chickpea based, instead of bean or lentil.

Crispy buffalo cauliflower - never tried these kinds of things, so this is good as time as any. I just need cauliflower for it. Probably could use broccoli too, but I need that for other meals. When I was a kid I never liked cauliflower the way my grandmother made it, and I rarely ate it as an adult. It will be interesting for me to do this and then eat it.

And that's it! 3 recipes for the next four days to try out. I might post a follow-up to this, how it went (maybe pictures with my old feature phone?).

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