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Old games: FlatOut 2

March 3rd 2018

FlatOut 2 will always be special for me, since it is the last game I've ever played on Windows, before I switched to Linux full time (no dual-boot) in 2006.

FlatOut 2 is an arcade racing game, with surprisingly good graphics (it holds up really well years later), and nice pyhisics engine, which lets you destroy the environment and the cars too.

The game is available on GOG, for Windows and Linux too (in a nice Wine wrapper, since it is an older game).

It has a carrier mode, with 3 style of vehicles, Derby, Race and Street. Each has different kinds of racing tracks, which you unlock as you go forward in this mode.

Beside racing, there are other modes, which usually involves you flying out of your car and hit different targets. Sometimes you need to go to highest, or play poker with a giant board of cards. To me these modes were never interesting. The only mode I like is derby, which is a last man standing kind of mode, where you need to destroy the other cars.

Probably because in the past 10 years I have never finished the carrer mode! Brrr. Sometimes I lost my save files, or other shit happened.

Gameplay wise, the cars are responsive and you can find FWD, RWD and 4WD cars. Each has different stats, which you can modify if you buy parts in the shop. You can earn money by winning, doing the fastest lap in the race, or wrecking other people's car. In the race you have nitro, which you can earn by destroying other cars or the environment. While it is a good strategy, if you have a faster, but not so durable car, you will find yourself at the back of the pack easily.

The music also fits the game really well, with a mix of Rob Zombie, Papa Roach, Fall Out Boy and others.

FlatOut 2 is not a pretender, the devs knew they creating an arcade racing game, which turn out to be awesome, even a decade later is really good to play. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a few minute of racing here and there. Works perfectly under Linux, with gamepad, too.

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