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Changes to the website and using Emacs for writing and publishing

So I finally changed my website. More like the colorscheme really, but there are major changes, how I will write from now on. I moved away from Nikola, and I now use only Emacs org-mode to write and publish this website. I have to say it was a mini-adventure to discover how it can be done, and I am still try to figure out some of the things, but for now I just want a simple website.

Org-mode and org-publish

Emacs is a very powerful tool. Although it won't make you coffee, but can do all sorts of things.

"Org mode is for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, planning projects, and authoring documents with a fast and effective plain-text system."

Org-publishing is part of it, and it can help us to put out what we write in a variety of formats. In my case I use it for generating HTML files.

I used an awefully simple tutorial. If you can use Emacs on a basic level (shortcuts, navigation, M-x, etc.), you can follow it and you can create your own little website. Learn some CSS stuff and you have a functional, fast website that doesn't track you, readable on every devices, and will stand the test of time and will work 10 years from now.

Some tweaks

In default every page has a table of contents based on headers. Plus every header has a number. To disable it, you can use options toc:nil and num:nil. If for some reason you need any of them, you use t instead of nil.

For some reason I couldn't figure out the proper linking in the publish configuration, so I linked CSS in every org file. But it works, so I don't complain.

If you know markdown, you have to unlearn certain things, like linking, headers, quotes, etc. But it's not a big jump.

What I like

Basically now I have a website that I write in org-mode, export it to HTML with org-publish. I have every post and page in separate org files. The header and footer parts are in my publish.el file, that I use to convert org files to HTML.

I might make it a little bit prettier, and add more stuff later, but I am happy with the result, and I like that I am independent from a website generator. I only need Emacs and a web browser for it.

testing footer