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My most used Linux software?
These are the programs I use currently.

May 10th 2020

I have been using Linux as the only operating system on my machine, since Octobr 2006. Since then I used countless distros, but after a while it doesn't matter what base I used, I always returned to largely to the same software.

Here are the stuff I use in 2020 on my Linux system (currently Elementary OS 5.1.4):

Web browser

My daily driver, the primary web browser is Brave, open-source based on Chromium. I found it fast and reliable to use. I don't care about there ad-replacement system at all. I don't even use that part. Sadly the browser doesn't handle many tabs very well, space wise. No vertical tabs, which would be the solution. I like the profile system, and I use it for all kinds of stuff, to separate work, watching and other stuff. I like that it has built in Tor.

Other than Brave, I have Epiphany on my system, which is the default Elementary browser.


I mostly play DRM-free games from GOG, which has a very good and simple install script for every games for Linux. I also use Wine staging and Lutris to handle most Windows game, where there is no Linux version. For some really old games, there is DosBOX. And finally of course Steam, the elephant in the room. Sadly there are games that are only available on it, like Alien: Isolation.

I have more than a hundred games on both GOG and Steam, one day I might write about my favorites.

Graphics work

If I need to edit pictures I use GIMP, which is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program, and nothing to do with gimp.

My other favorite, which recently turned 1.0, is Inkscape, a vector graphics editor.

Sometimes I need colors from desktop, websites, etc. I use the simple Color picker from Elementary's AppCenter. It doesn't have a save list, for that Gcolor 3, is the go to software.


Elementary has the Pantheon desktop environment. I use the default file manager, called Files, which although is basic looking, but it gets the job done.

I also use the default terminal emulator, called Terminal. For system customization Elementary Tweaks is the only one you need. Changing themes, fonts, animations and other things.

For clipboard manager, my favorite is clipit, I use it for years. Fast, low memory footprint, and keyboard shortcut friendly.

While I could use the terminal for that, I use ghistory for searching through my terminal history.

I use Eddy for installing downloaded .deb files, as there is no default graphical way to do that. You can install multiple packages at once too.

To keep track of my HDD usage, I use Filelight, as this is the most acurate for this. I used Disk Analyzer, but for some reason after a while it showed me inaccurate information. Despite a KDE related program, it does't have lot of dependencies.


For watching movies I use mpv, as this is the smalles, and fastest video player I've ever used. Plus I can customize shortcuts for it, in a config file. If I want to watch a DVD I use VLC.

For listening music I mostly Music, the default player on Elementary OS, or Spotify, which I know is not ideal. Outside of that I use Youtube. If I see something I like, there is youtube-dl to download and Ciano to convert it. For occasional radio listening, there is no better than Raddiu.

If I need to use bittorrent, I use the made for Elementary, Torrential. Very basic, but well put together program.

If youtube-dl doesn't support it, I use JDownloader 2.

Other stuff

I haven't used it much, but I really like I have it, is Cyfrif, a pomodoro app, you can use it to schedule your work periods.

I only started to use it, because of Mastodon, but Ideogram is a simple program for pasting Emojies.

I wrote it about a few days ago, KeePassXC is my password manager.

For Mastodon, I use Sengi, so far it is very reliable and easy to use.


I do my blogging in Emacs. If I need a word processor, then LibreOffice Writer. Previously I used Ghostwriter, a very good markdown editor.

I think that's it. If I forget something I will add it to the post. Also this was my day 14 of #100DaysToOffload. I am ill at the moment, so I might not be able to write for the next few days. This post was a miracle itself.

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