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How to install T2X for Thief 2 on Linux?

Date: 2020/04/01

There is a fan created story for Thief 2, called T2X: The Shadow of the Metal Age. 13 missions with a complete story, with a new protagonist, nice animations between missions, etc.

T2X: Download and install

This can be quite tricky, since the whole thing comes before GOG or Steam had the game, and it normally asks for your Thief 2 CD, when you want to start T2X. However there is a standalone version, that you can launch with an FM (fan mission) loader. You can download it here.

You need to extract it to the Thief2/FMs directory. FMs is the directory where you can have your fan missions. Just create another subdirectory for t2x.

AngelLoader for fan missions

AngelLoader is a utility to handle fan missions. Luckily it only relies on DotNet, which is available and the program works fine.

Download AngelLoader from TTLG

Just extract it somewhere in the Wine prefix that you have the game. You can use this utility for Thief I-II and Deadly Shadows too.

At the beginning you have to setup some directories for the games. It doesn't matter if you use Steam, GOG or the original CD version of the game. Pretty cool.


The above picture shows how it looks, when the fan mission properly installed.

If you have problems, recommend the TTLG fan forum, which is a great place for Thief fans of any kind.

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