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Community weekend (Season 1)

Community was always one of my few favorite American comedies. I generally don't like sitcoms, because they are lame, unfunny and boring. Community was one of the few things that connects my pre-cancer, cancer and post-cancer life. It genuinely made me laugh.

I just rewatched Season 1 this weekend, which sounds like a lot, but it's just basically about 12 hours.

Here are my favorite episodes from Season 1

Without any order. It was a 25 episode season.

  1. Investigative Journalism

This is the episode with Jack Black guest starring as a student who is always in the background and desperately wants to be in the study group, or any group.

  1. Beginner Pottery

No ghosting is allowed! When Jeff realize that his mother lied to him, and he is not special (at least in pottery). It's an important life lesson both for kids and parents.

  1. Contemporary American Poultry

The Maffia movie episode. Seriously, just watch it.

  1. Modern Warfare

The episode that elevated Community to a whole new level. I think we all dreamed about a pinball event when we were in school. And this is what happens when the most loveable and gay dean announce a paintball tournament with a ridiculous prize.

Also "we try not sexualize Annie", but a totally half-naked Jeff Winger is OK! xD

  1. Comparative Religion

Shirley is a dangerous Christian mom! :)

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