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Date: 2018/09/17

This is just some update I wanted to share with you. Warning this post might be long…

I just wanted to write a post. I remember when blogs were basically diaries for some of the happenings in people's life. Then we got ads and money involved, SEO and all that crap. Now blogs are for clicks. Frak that. I want to write about what I feel, what I know may help others.

Currently I am in the middle of redesigning the blog. I switched to a theme that I like enough to just tweak the CSS and nothing more. I honestly like serif font types more and more. My aim to be totally google free, so no fonts from Google fonts repository. Privacy Badger says: no trackers, so it's all good.

If you want to know, I use the Nikola static website generator with the maupassant theme.

I also want to cut back from social media, reddit and some of the stuff. Going back to basics. Reading RSS, share some stuff on this blog. After all I have now more than 7k views! Hahaha, that's such a big number for me. Not that I care or anything, but it's nice.

Currently I struggle in my plant based eating department, if we can call it that. I have such a guilt because I started eating vegan junk food again. Although today I went for a long walk. I sometimes try to run and walk, but I think I will stay with the longer walks for now. Interestingly I got a little bit of reinforcement from PlantBasedAthlete on youtube. He is one of my main inspiration these days. He is a blackbelt JiuJitsu guy, who still actively competes. He is currently in Barcelona and he is doing some interesting experiments about the important of walking and not doing any important exercises. Of course he is training too, but for an average person walking is absolutely a go to exercise that I can agree with.

When you are obese or overweight, the most important is nutrition and resting, and after some weight loss walking can do wonders.

I might take up yoga, because let's face it, we don't get any younger and flexibility and core strength are important for longevity.

As PBA said, the important thing is that you do exercise you love doing. Don't do weights if you hate going to the gym. Cycling or swimming can be great too. If you enjoy it.

I respect Jay very much, because he did about 2 opinion videos about VP, and others and didn't named them, he wasn't aggressive towards them. What he talked about is also reinforced me that I am on the right path. It worked for me for 11 months now, and I am never going back.

That's all for now. Take care!


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