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Vegan tips: How to learn to cook?
One skill that sure will change your life…

Date: 2019/12/11

Hey, this is December, when I post every single day something useful, I hope…

When I went vegan I already know how to cook on a decent level. I am not a chef or anything special, but I can cook for myself and for the people around me. I have yet to hear a big complain about my creations.

Going vegan can be an enormous task, but if we are know how to cook, some part of it will become much easier. I have recently heard in one of the Young Sheldon episode, that cooking is just, following instructions. However it still matters what kind of food we want to cook. There are harder and there are simpler ones. And it's always better to start with a simple recipe that we can have success with, and not the overly complicated that can quickly discourage us ever being in the kitchen.

For a start we can start on youtube, since they are visual, and there are some very good channels that takes you through of cooking, with tip and tricks of how to be better at it. Search for recipes with few ingredients.

My favorite is The Happy Pear, Irish twins, who are absolutely amazing. Their recipes are most of the time quick, easy to follow and affordable. You can learn a lots of things about taste, spices and other little, but important things. It is the best cooking show on youtube. Period. They also have a written recipe section on their website.

Look at one of their recent recipe: Easy Vegan Dahl for Weight loss

I will do this tomorrow, and I already visualized how it will look on my plate.

I advise you to learn to cook if you are just teenager. Even if you just help your parents cooking, they will appreaciate your interest in cooking. Just watch and learn, or help preparing the food. Believe it or not, even cutting onions is not that easy for the first few times.

For me the easiest recipe has beans, lentils, cause you can use canned versions. You can also use potatoes, rice, and some veggies. Mix them, add some salt, spices and you have a nice, easy meal. I am a lazy person, so I just like to throw things together I find at home.

Then when you had come experiences, you can watch someone, like Sam from It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken, who is one of the most creative vegan person on youtube. This Christmas I will cook her recipe for me and my family.

If you are ready to make something complicated, Gaz Oakley aka the avantgardevegan is the best there is. High production quality, looks like some fancy cooking show, very nice presentation. He is not just doing what pros do, but for example, burgers.

They are just a few examples I follow. Even though I can cook for 5 years now, and I am vegan for two, I am still learning.

Cooking is like meditation for me, I can be myself in the kitchen and it never gets boring. You can listen to music, or anything while you do it. It's a process of learning, and you shouldn't rush yourself. Always cook in your own pace. Prepare your food, chop everything, and read the recipe multiple times so you don't miss anything. Simple recipe doesn't require much timing, and speed comes with experience. Be patient with yourself!

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