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I started to play: Still Life

Still Life is one of the few adventure games I always wanted to finish. It has an atmosphere that no other games could copy in the genre for me.

Still Life is not your old type, adventure game with stupid puzzles that you need to find a guide just to complete them. It's a thrilling detective story, with playing not one, but two characters.

Victoria McPherson is an FBI agent who is investigating serial murders in Chicago. They recently have found the 5th victim. They are all women, horrible killed. Soon she discoveres that one of her grandfather's old case might be connected to hers.

Before you go and buy the game from GOG, here is a simple warning: Still Life is a very dark game with murder, gore and grotesk stuff. I've never played the game to the end - mostly because I always lost my save games -, although I've started like 3 times. This time I hope I can finish it.

Still Life is made by the same devs, who created the Syberia series, another classic adventure game. Technically it is the second part, since in the game Post Mortem you play as Gus McPherson's, her grandfather. Still Life also has a sequel, which I only played for a few minutes when I tested in Wine.

Note about playing 'Still Life' on Linux

The game has no Linux version. If you want to play on Linux you can use probably any Wine version. I usually make games their own prefix. I didn't need to install anything special with winetricks, however since the maximum resolution of the game is only 800*600 pixel you either play in a small window with Wine virtual desktop, or you play on full screen (without virtual desktop), but terrible pixelated if you are using a much bigger resolution.

If you start it in fullscreen, you will get 3 very small squares you need to double click for some reason it cannot go into full screen right away. But the game is completely playable from that point (cutscenes too!). The only bug I run into, that the save/load game screen doesn't have screenshots of the save state.

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