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Mastodon with Emacs

May 20th 2020

I have to say I love Emacs more and more. Finally gave a real chance for mastodon.el, and now I am tooting from Emacs! And luckily it's very easy to do!

Put this in your config file:

(use-package mastodon
  :ensure t)
(setq mastodon-instance-url "https://your-instance.url")

Just change the instance url, to yours.

Start the mode with:

A-x mastodon

It will ask your login and password every time. It doesn't store your password.

Mastodon.el has numerous shortcuts, just check out the Github, or use h or ?.


There is one problem, but not really

I discovered early on, that some messages might not get through and you get an error message. After searching for solution I have found that you need C-g before C-c C-c (sending).

Other than that, it works perfectly. You can toot, reply, look at federated and local timelines. Search for hashtags, look at profiles. And you can use emojies too (install the emojify package to see the graphics).

All of the timelines and searches uses different buffers. To not lose any of them, I recommend the centaur-tabs package, which gives Emacs tabs (in version 27, there will be tabs default). I will make a separate post about that.

This was Day 18 of #100DaysToOffload, as I continue to have some ideas, I think I will probably turn back to post daily, but it's not a promise.

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