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Favorite terminal software: ncdu

I think this is going to be a new series, rather than just pages in the wiki. While I am not a programmer or a sysadmin, I like to use the command line for certain tasks, as I like minimalistic systems. In these series of posts I will introduce you some of my favorites, and maybe you'll like them too.

Ncdu is a command line disk space analyzer. Simple as that. After you install it, type the command


in terminal and it will analyze the files and space of the current directory or partition. You can navigate (but never go above) in the place where you started.

The directories and files are automatically ordered with the biggest in size at the top, which makes it extra useful as you'll instantly know what takes up the largest space at that location.

Now if you want to delete or move something you need to use another software, as ncdu only knows one thing: show.

I recommend ranger which is a keyboard-driven file manager in the terminal, but that will be another post sometime in the future. :)

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