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irregular blogging, just in short form…

This page is for some of thoughts that I don't want to publish on social media, sort of my own anti-social network, since there is no fancy UI, or the able to reply fast and angry. Look at this as sort of a microblog.

If you want to reply you can do that: parasurv at tuta dot io. I may not reply though, accept that.

I will share stories and links here. No RSS, just a simple page. Don't worry this page will never go away, you'll always find it here!



Finished Blood episode 2

This was another good episode. I can't recommend this game highly enough for people who likes old fps games, with no handholding, fun gunplay, and lots of explosions. Seriously, Michael Bay is a nobody, until you play build engine games. Nowadays I play Blood with BuildGDX, and not Fresh Supply. I think it's more responsive, despite that KEX is a much modern engine.


Sad state of the webbrowers (vertical tabs)

It's sad when I have to agree with a Nextweb article about vertical tabs. Vertical tabs are essentials, yet only a few browser have it as an option, namely Vivaldi and Microsoft Edge. Vivaldi has still this stupid font size issue on Linux, so Edge is the only one usable right now. Yes, you can use Qutebrowser, but it's more technical (note: I once donated to his Kickstarter).

So yeah, Edge is ahead. It doesn't have features like Vivaldi has, but it has different ones, and I like that. MS didn't just take the Chromium code, and changed the name to Edge, and that's it.


Happy 20th anniversary, Max Payne!

And thanks Remedy for this great game! Alan Wake says: Hello! ;)

Prodeus is epic fun

I had the opportunity the try out Prodeus, which is a retro style shooter, combining mostly Doom and Quake, with modern technology, but old style graphics. Gunplay is amazing (even the pistol is useful), level design is awesome and the music is dynamic, similarly what the Doom reboot did. The game is not for the faint hearted as it is full of blood, similarly to Blood. You can pretty much destroy enemies to their bones, with a variety of weapons. The game is in Early Access, and it already has a level editor, with a community hub where you can download maps of other users. Pretty great so far, I hope the full product will be even better!

Play as a cat in 'Stray'

I just found the gameplay trailer of Stray this morning, and I just had to share it with you. Play as a cat, very interactive game, check out the trailer if you love cats. Beautiful graphics, nice environments, seemingly good puzzles, but only a 2022 release date.

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