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irregular blogging, just in short form…

This page is for some of thoughts that I don't want to publish on social media, sort of my own anti-social network, since there is no fancy UI, or the able to reply fast and angry. Look at this as sort of a microblog.

If you want to reply you can do that: parasurv at tuta dot io. I may not reply though, accept that.

I will share stories and links here. No RSS, just a simple page. Don't worry this page will never go away, you'll always find it here!



Do not forget how to handwrite!

A few months ago I started to write a diary of some kind. It wasn't daily every time, but when I have a thought I opened my notebook and started to write. I also become interested in pens, because of EDC stuff, and bought new pens (one I already used, the other is on the way), to write with. I also started a reading diary (sorry I don't remember the English phrase), where I jot down quotes from books and thoughts about it, so I can remember better what I read.

Why going the physical notebook route, instead of using Emacs? Well turning on the computer in the middle of the night to write something down can be complicated. Or what if I am not at a computer? My bag has a little notebook I can use any time, anywhere - well not underwater, but you get the idea.

I also read from many people during the past few years, that they started to forget their handwriting, and I have to say, when I started to write my diary again, I had trouble with some of the characters myself. Not much, but I recognized the signs. Now I frequently write, and I am more happy when I just write on my keyboard.

One more reason is that on your computer - if it is connected to the great spynetwork, called the internet - your data is not really yours anymore, and can be reached by others, while your notebook is still largely yours, especially if you can hide it, or put it into a safe. I also put another safeguard on it: I write my thoughts in English, and none of my close family members knows the language. And if you want to destroy the whole thing, or just part of it, you just set it on fire, and let it burn. Although in that case it's much harder to recover it, if you changed your mind.

Brave New World and the Great Reset

I occasionally browse Odysee for some new videos, ideas, etc. And I found a young women, with a video titled: "Brave new normal is anything but human".

She talks about how todays world, we lose our humanity, and how government can just enforce us to "own nothing and be happy" (the motto of the Great Reset), and how Huxley wrote this about in the "Brave New World".

Recently I was on holiday probably the first time. I was abroad surrounded by nature. I was at the sea, but I also sea fabulous rocky mountains. It was relaxing, and totally switched off from the modern world. I don't have a smartphone or laptop, I only borrowed my brothers computer at the end of the day, to check some stuff, but otherwise I was completely offline. I felt more free without all the tech, and just being in the sea, or going hiking, or trying to make 2 sentences in a foreign language. It was really liberating.

I choose this 2 weeks to read, and my choice was Huxley's "Brave New World". And it was weird because when you are on holiday, you are supposed to be relaxing, but the novel is just very dark, and part of it is very timely right now. In the book everybody is happy because not just they are conditioned from very early age, but because they use drugs (called soma), and sex, to basically feel nothing. I don't want to get into the book right now, although I will definitely read it again, before the end of the year, and write a post about it.

Watch the video, and follow her channel!

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