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Microblog (2021 April)
irregular blogging, just in short form…

This page is for some of thoughts that I don't want to publish on social media, sort of my own anti-social network, since there is no fancy UI, or the able to reply fast and angry. Look at this as sort of a microblog.

If you want to reply you can do that: parasurv at tuta dot io. I may not reply though, accept that.

I will share stories and links here. No RSS, just a simple page. Don't worry this page will never go away, you'll always find it here!



When Washington Post writes about games

I found this article in my bookmarks about C&C Remastered, written by some idiot at the Washington Post. Why idiot? Generally, everybody was happy was with this remastered, and since earlier last year Warcraft 3 become a disappointment, fan of the genre took a deep breath and dived into the world of C&C, and then people smiled. This is how a remastered game should be done! I am not even post the link to this artice: "‘Command & Conquer’ Remastered: Sometimes nostalgia is better left in the past".


Mistake in 24, Season 3

So they put a transponder into Jack's watch, which later gets broke, and the signal is gone. Of course they use this as a plot thingy so they slow down the season a little. However if they used a G-Shock, the transponder would be still intact. :)

r/PersonOfInterest outcasting Jim Caviezel

I wrote this on the PoI subreddit:

Oh yes, we can't have different opinions on this Earth about anything. You can't have different religious, or political views. It's a sad state of humanity, especially on the internet, since we slowly close down ourselves from each other, talking in separate groups, which will ultimate lead the death of humans.

Yes, let's label each other, until you won't talk to anybody, because you only see labels. Please people, don't do this to yourself.

(I love this show, I came here long after the show finished, I loved reading people discovering PoI.) (link)


"I am not even a celebrity" says Lindsay Ellis

Yet, she has more than 1.1 million subscribers on Youtube and has a book on the New York Times best selling list. Yeah, sure Lindsay. She is totally wrong about "cancel culture is just a right wing buzzword." Jesus, I watched her videos about movies before the pandemic, and I never realized how woke and how dillusional this woman is. She is a little bit right about twitter being garbage, she is still on it, so yeah. You just made an ass from your mouth Lindsay, as we say have a saying in my country. Until then, the woke keeps eating the non-woke and woke alike, if you are let it. Personally, I am enjoying the social media-less life and I like to spend my weekend mostly away from the computer. It's really not that hard.


Why is Sam Wilson (Falcon) is an angry black man?

I really don't understand this. His character is really flat to me. Most of the time he is just angry. Also the whole show is going this woke shit, that nobody wants right now. Plus they had Zemo and they basically broke out of prison just to bribe some kids with candies and then pass him off to Wakanda. It looks to me that Zemo wanted to go to Wakanda, if he really want it to, he could have escaped.

Bucky could have been an interesting character with Zemo, especially with his list of people to make amends, but it looks like that they put it on sideline real fast, in exchange for super people. Writers just ended Zemo saying: "I crossed myself of your list, I don't held any grudges against you." LOL I wish this could be this easy in real life.

They seemed to cram too much storyline and characters into just 6 episode. And now in the 5th episode we are wasting times with fixing a ship. Also, Sam Wilson is angry, and black people are victimized.

Sorry Marvel, but you are crap right now. Your show is shit, and I hope you will sank with it (I know it'll never happen though). Please forget the woke politics and return to be entertaining comicbook universe.


When FOSSMint advertise Google Chrome

It's sad, and not the first time that FOSSMint advertise closed source junk, like Google Chrome. In their latest article they go over "25 Hidden Google Chrome Features You Must Try Right Now". FOSSMint is probably a popular website in the FOSS community, and seeing a closed sourced program, essentially a product of monopoly (Chrome is the no. 1. used browser right now, by far). I don't think you need to


Is Microsoft Edge better than Mozilla Firefox?

Other than not being FLOSS, Microsoft Edge is better than Firefox. I use the development version, which is in AUR.

  • It is much faster. Faster startup time, more responsive UI, less RAM usage.
  • Vertical tabs with a push of a button: this I like it a lot as I am a big fan of vertical tabs. I still don't understand why Brave can't do this, when they use the same Chromium base. Also, you can minimize the panel, in that case you see only the favicons of the opened sites. Genius!
  • Collection: this looks like a bookmarked collection of websites. But it's basically a save system for images, text or full websites. Pretty useful and well made!
  • Other than collections, we have bookmarks, notes, and other stuff.
  • I like the simple icons in the menu, fits with the overall look very well. Also the big font in the address bar is really nice, while you have a smaller font for tabs. As I said: well thought out.

I have to say this is a pleasant surprise from Microsoft. Well thought out functions, and they use verticality similar to Vivaldi (which is of course is NOT FLOSS). Sadly Mozilla's focus is in politics these days and not making a kick-ass browser for everybody.


If IDs are racist…

I am sure some of the European countries are racist. Where I live we have to show ID card or password, or driving licence to vote. This is since the 90s when we have our first vote after the fall of SU. It's a good system, and I still don't know why certain American people thinks that having to show ID card at a voting place is racist. Tell me in email, and if I find ONE legitimate reason, I am going to drink alcohol and get drunk, which I usually do once in every 10 or 5 years. I am totally serious. If ID cards are racist I am the Queen of Ecuador.


Distrotube has only gemini capsule, and why it is stupid?

You can just make a simple static website, without javascript and even without images. My website is currently 37 MB big, and this is with some images, and 3.5 MB without images. Why not do this, and not force your fans and visitors to use another browser basically. I have nothing against Gemini protocol, but honestly it is just another minimalism attempt to a problem, that we have a solution for. Instead of throwing out HTML and CSS, just learn some static website generator (or learn doing it by hand, aka code) and work with that. As you can see, this site has zero javascript, trackers, I only use HTML and CSS, plus some images here and there. I could probably make it faster in some way, but right now I am happy with it.


New shows sucks, time to get back to rewatch some old ones

And when I mean old, I don't mean "Lost", but like MacGyver or Miami Vice. Todays shows are so depressing. Just login to your Netflix - I know you have one - and see what can you count on your home page: dark shows, or some comedy, or even dramedy. And yes the 15th Friends rewatch you have started 2 months ago, still counts (even though it was dumb after a while it still counts).

Youtube is not your friend!

I've just read that Luke Smith will be probably banned from youtube. He wrote an article about it. Now, I may not agree about many things with him, but he was my gateway to tiling window manager stuff, and I find lots of things useful that he makes videos about. He of course is a big advocate of decentralized things and he will continue to make videos on Odysee and Peertube, even if youtube will not delete his channel. What's interesting that before this year, he never got a strike, however somebody at Guardian made him a nazi, and not just him but decentralized social network, fediverse, too. Which is weird considering that Mastodon is basically a woke country in an itself, while pleroma (yes the software!) is used by only nazis (that stupid shit rumor is still going around after many years, ppl must be bored, I guess).

New SpaceJam: I am going to be racist here

And I won't even "pirate" it, since Lebron James is in the movie. I just can't stand the guy, sorry. His political activism and virtue signaling, and his attitude. I really wish he would be just a basketball player.


Yesterday was Christmas, Easter and every known holiday together

Why you ask? Because Magnus Carlsen streamed chess on twitch, and it's basically never happens. Well maybe once in 3 years or something. Anyway they say, he will stream today too. Check him out!


English language woke police and Electronic Arts bans Japanase Apex player

For the use of the word: "nigero". Which - through my fast research - can be translated as "run", "run away" or "escape" (sorry I don't know much Japanese). This is another example how the English language culture wants to police the rest of the world through their lense, and through their language. I am sick of this! It happened at the beginning of the year, when Cavani, a famous football player, was banned for 3 games and fined 100k pounds, because he used the phrase "gracias negrito" on instagram, to his friend. English language users wants to police us, who use our own language, because of similarities. I hope they know that while similarities can exist, words can have different meaning in different languages.

Leave us alone you English language colonizers! (hahah, I am using their phrases against them, smart me, hahaha).


Alien: Isolation is jumpscare fest, according to Linux youtuber xpander

LOL. The game has like 3 jumpscares (outside of facehuggers, which are basically not jumpscares since it has an audible before the jump), the first place when you go to Sevastopol, some stuff in mission 6 (I don't want to spoil), and maybe another one. Literally the game prides itself of replayability, therefore the "jumpscares" doesn't mater. Compare this to Outlast which is basicall a speedrun game, where everything happens the same way each time you play, have actually like about 20-30 jumpscares at least. Here is his full post, and I think he has just a different definition of jumpscares.

History has arrived! OK, these are just watches, but still…

While I am waiting for some funds to arrive, I got to gorgeous watches. Well they are one, but in different colors: the Casio F91-W, and it's grey, monochrome brother the Casio F91-WM-7a (note that there are green and gold versions). They both were on sale, and I just had to get them. The grey version was like 70% off, which made it the same price as the normal version, so I just had to take it! These are amazing little watches, the F-91W is 32 years old now. It's probably the smallest Casio watch right now, but it's more unisex than a women's watch. And of course who can tell us what kind of watches we like to wear anyway? Or that if we wear watches on both arms? Like me right now, the normal version is on my left, and the grey is on my right. Suck it if you don't like it, hahahah! (evil laugh)

As I mentioned in my A168W review: I absolutely love the ratio of the numbers to the display window. It's really just pleasant to look at. The straps are really comfortable to wear, although the strap is short, and there is not much space for the watch strap keeper to keep it in place. I either has a bigger wrist than I thought or Casio really measured this for smaller wrist. I like it anyway, and I can recommend it to anyone who is looking for a comfortable, but simple watch. It has the same "heart" as the A168W, except that the F-91 has a terrible backlight. If you don't mind getting off some hair from your arm, I recommend the A168W more (or the A700 which has a better bracelet option). Other than that it has an alarm and a stopwatch. Very simple, yet amazing, plus very affordable.

Even the Time Teller made a review about it last year. He reviewed the green version. Btw he is a huge G-Shock fan (beside that he is into vintage watches), so if you want to see some amazing Shocks, visit his channel.

Mauler thinks Josstice League is better than ZSJL?

I thought that Mauler is smarter than that. I will never watch his video about it, probably when I am drunk - which will never happen, as I don't drink. You have to have a special kind of ego, to think that Joss Whedon is better. I mean the guy reshoot totally fine scenes, while cut down character development scenes. You could say that WB ordered him to do that, but rewriting for example some of Superman's scenes just to make it lighter, with stupid dialogue is buffling. Never mind that Whedon made Flash just a simple jokey guy, meanwhile Snyder made him a real hero. Same with Cyborg, who was a nobody, a 2d guy in Whedon's version, in Snyder's vision he is struggling with his dad, because he is never around, and he also lost his mom, and of course his dad resurrected him as a fucking machine. There are so many differences in tones, direction, small and really big ones. In Whedon version Superman was basically resurrected to save civilians! Think about that! Flash become a joke, to push a car? Whedon butchered Wonder Woman and Batman too. Most of there interaction between them is like first minutes of an adult video! Meanwhile in Snyder's version they both respect each other, and the two of them put together Justice League (Batman goes to Barry, while Cyberborg wants talk to Diana, because she searched for him on the net). They respect each other, and while they clearly getting closer too, it's not the focal point of their relationship. In the Whedon version they even argue, and their next scene together is in Bruce's room where Diana helps putting his shoulder in place. Whedon is a piece of misogynist asshole, a fake feminist, nothing more.

Mauler lost all of his credibility in my eye. I could accept Rich Evans' opinion about a "weaker second part" (I don't agree with it, but I can understand his reasons), but even RLM who are usually critical about these things, liked Snyder's version. I don't know what happened with Mauler, but if he thinks that garbage potato Whedon-WB cut is better, well I don't have to watch or listen to his videos anymore.

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