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Why I love the Casio A168AW-1YES?

Date: 2021-02-09

My second watch I got is the Casio A168AW-1YES. As they say, you will never have just one Casio, you will have many…

I have to say it was interesting to see, when I get it out of the box. I looked at this very small watch (after all it's a unisex watch), and I was like "how am I gonna wear this?", but then I put it on my wrist, and it just felt right from the first moment. Is this love? Absolutely!

It's such a retro piece, with just a little bit bigger size than the F91-W, and colorful texts on it. It doesn't have world time, or 5 alarm and other fancy features, only one clock, alarm and a stopwatch. And a backlight that makes everyone go: "wow!". Seriously it's one good looking retro piece.

And why I love it? I mean, really love it? It's because the digits are so well proportioned to the size of the display, I just love to look at it. It's all in the esthetics!

There is a picture, sadly I can't control when is my mobile showing up on my computer, so I can't transfer it at the moment.

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