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Watches: Casio AE1200-WH-5AVCF

I wrote a little about my desire to own a watch again, previously, and just before Christmas I got my first, the Casio AE1200-WH-5AVCF.

This is a black version of the famous Casio Royale, that's basically a similar watch (and wordplay) to the Seiko watch that Roger Moore wore in the James Bond movie, 'Octopussy'. However my version is black colored (and not silver), plus, it has a bronzish border around it, which surprisingly looks really cool. There are many colored versions (blue, green, totally black).

It came in a small box, which was easy to open. The watch itself is not too big, but not small either. If we look at the watch, it surely looks 'busy', as in there are a lot of text on it, and lot of going on. There is a place for the normal clock and which you can change depending on function, we have an analogue clock, and of course the famouse world map.

The watch is surprising light to wear. Many times I feel, that I don't even wear it.

The manual has 5 languages, and it's thick. Since I haven't really wear digital watches (last watch I wore was like 20 years ago), I had to go through everything. I choose this model mostly because it's a utility watch. The watch is surprisingly easy to setup and change things, after all it has 4 buttons only.

While I am not a travelling person, world clock and keeping tabs on different timezones is still useful. Plus you can program 3 other cities to keep track on.

Then we have stopwatch function which is nice for sports activites. There are 5 alarmclocks too, if you have busy life. It can be regular, or one time only.

Next one is the timer that I used the most this past week. It came in handy when I had to cook my Christmas dinner, or time my workout rest period. No more slacking! Hahah.

One amazing plus is the backlight, which is bright orange colored, and really good, makes the whole face readable.

So far this past week I haven't experience any disadvantage of the watch, but of course I don't really have a comparison. I just know that I like it.

In the future I definitely want - mostly affordable - more watches in my collection. I already gathered a list, that I think I like to own and use too.

This was for day 99 of #100DaysToOffload. Tomorrow is the last day of the year and the end of this fantastic journey!

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