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A watch or a keyboard?

Date: 2020-12-16

I love mechanical keyboards. I love to type. I learned to type on a typewriter, which I still have.

I am thinking about getting a wrist watch for many months now, probably about a year. Then the pandemic came and the prices went up, and the uncertanty in my life put this dream on hold.

I wanted a new keyboard this year. It looks like for me 2 years with a keyboard is enough. My daily driver is a Magicforce 68 (non backlit, with the normalish fonts). Lately I saw that shops in my country restocked with Redragon Kumara 552 RGB version, and I really wanted that. There is another version of it, with red backlight only, which I didn't really like, because it looks really agressive with that red.

And one week before Christmas, I said no to the keyboard.

I already have a keyboard I like to use. Certainly the F rows would be nice, and maybe even the RGB (never used one), but I already have a good keyboard. And I don't have a watch.

So I went online and started to search for candidates based on reviews, what my taste is (which is not much since I never had a watch the past 20 years), and of course the price.

I had a candidate from earlier, basically what I call a utility watch: Casio AE1200WHD, with many useful stuff. The silverish version called the Casio Royale, since it's a similar watch Mr Bond wear in Octopussy. Which of course is just confusing as shit, since Bond didn't wear it either of the Casino Royale movies…

I also wanted the Casio F91W, which is the most simple watch you could ever wear, and it's in production for decades, because it's cheap and still has a history behind it. Never got as a kid, but I saw it on my classmates wrists. However the price almost doubled since the pandemic, and the Casio Royale seemed a better fit for me, since the last month I started working out again.

I also looked at similar watched to the F91W, and there are quite a few to consider.

My dream is a G-Shock at the moment, however it's a little bit out of my price range currently, but my birthday is in March, so I hope I can ask my family for one. :)

And when I felt the need in me: just choose a watch, I accidently found this version of the Royale: CASIO AE-1200WH-5AVEF.

It has a bronzish color to it, and it's the black version with the plastic straps. I found the above video and I glad I did, because the reviewer actually show it in sunlight and not just inside. The color is beautiful, and I ordered it. It will come tomorrow probably. Of course I will have an opinion post about it after I used it for a little while.

This blogpost was for day 95 of #100DaysToOffload. I expect it to finish this challenge this year!

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