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Linux for 14 years

Date: 2020-10-08

I switched to Linux full time in 2006 on this day. From that day I only used Linux on my computer (apart from a brief period of time, when I dual booted for games, 10 and half years ago, when I needed distraction from cancer).

I started before that, but October was the point, when I couldn't take more of Windows. I downloaded Ubuntu 6.06 - yes the only odd version number, because they delayed the April release - and installed it.

Two days later I reinstalled the new version 6.10, with separated HOME partition, and I am using Linux this way. I think at that point my distrohopping future has been sealed.

Since then I used (not really tested, as I use most distros for more than a month) many-many distros. In my second year I went with Slackware, after I used Zenwalk for a while (which is an easier Slackware, with many QOL improvements). Using it I learned lot about compiling and stuff, setting up the system, and modifying it. I still like it, and I recently used it again for a while. This is when I used dwm for the first time.

I haven't really used Ubuntu after 2008, mainly went into niche distros, but I also used Fedora or Linux Mint. My favorite Ubuntu distro is Ubuntu Mate, as they try to preserve the old Gnome 2 feel, but also improve on it with the MATE desktop environment.

I also used Void Linux, Debian (on work machine, not at home though, I need fresh software), and I probably don't remember some others that I tried for a couple of days.

And I don't talk about Arch, simple because I know people would jump on me.

My longest used distro is Manjaro Linux, which I used for like 4-5 years, until recently. I also used Elementary OS two times, but while I like what they are doing overall, I feel it's just not for me. Too strict, hard to modify (even the themes are modified so you have to do your own shit, because regular GTK3 just doesn't work most of the time), and just plain boring. There is a reason why you don't see Elementary OS much on r/unixporn…

Lately I have been into tiling window managers. First I used i3 with Manjaro, then I switched to dwm when I used Slackware after Elementary OS. Now I am with Artix Linux and dwm, and I have to say I will use this for a long time. Everything is perfect. The distro is fast, I use dwm, which I find very satisfying to modify, and last, but not least, this distro doesn't use SYSTEMD! How refreshing is it? (btw more systemd-less distros - not all: Slackware, Devuan, Void, Artix, Gentoo, etc.)

I feel I found my digital home. Since Artix is based on Arch (but not using systemd), I have access to AUR, which I know how to use. It's pretty fast, and responsive. I use mainly terminal based software, outside of games, web browser, movie player.

This post is day 71 of the #100DaysToOffload project. I am really close to finish, so the next 30 days I will write something every day!

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