Updated: 2020-09-27

Not a lot of tech I use. Honestly for a person growing up with computers, I am a pretty techless person.

Some stuff I change sometimes, like my distro or desktop environment/window manager.


Desktop: Just a refurbished ThinkCentre 92p

E-book reader: Pocketbook Touch Lux 4 (new)

Mobile: Samsung S5610 - my trusty phone of 7 years, you can throw it, but it will not break. Screen is still clean.


Operating System

Linux distro: Artix Linux (runit version) - I have been using only Linux for the past 14 years.

Window manager: Dwm, a tiling window manager which I really like and patch it myself. I don't use any desktop environment.

Terminal emulator: kitty (experimenting), otherwise st


Web browser: Brave browser. Check out my extension list.

Password manager: KeePassXC - never use your browsers password manager.

Launcher, wallpaper setter:. dmenu, chwall script with feh

Text editor and other stuff: Emacs

Bookmark manager: buku or org-capture mode in Emacs

RSS reader: Elfeed with Emacs

Video player: mpv

Download videos or mp3 from youtube: Youtube-dl - you can use it too view videos directly, with mpv

File manager: mostly ranger, Thunar if GUI

Music player: ncmpcpp and mpd, or Qmmp with original WinAmp skin

Gaming stuff: Steam (Proton too), Lutris, Dosbox, plus Wine staging with separated prefixes

Screen color temperature: sct

Graphic editing: Inkscape and GIMP

Image viewer: sxiv

Bittorrent: Transmission, because I can't make rtorrent work.


Mastodon: @parasurv@mstdn.io