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Using Epic Games Store on Linux

Date: 2020-08-30

Here is the deal in short: I don't like DRM. It doesn't matter if it is Steam or Epic Games Store. DRM should not exist. Period. But for practicality I use these places, because I don't want myself to limit to play some games in my life. My best example is Alien: Isolation. It's an amazing game, and it only exist on Steam. It would be a waste if I couldn't play it, just because I don't like Steam. Also see, my crappy short story.

Epic Games Store on Linux

This is rather simple. You don't have to use any terminal commands or any other completed move. Just install Lutris from your distribution (if you haven't already), and go the Lutris website and install the Epic Game Store from that script by clicking the install button.

Of course you need an account to use EGS. Since it install itself on a separate WINE prefix, you need a good amount of space for games after it. So don't install it on a partition which only has 10 GB of space left.

After registering (I already had an account, because years ago I wanted to play Paragon, thanks epic for cancelling that promising game /s), you just login, and that's it. You can start EGS from Lutris and close Lutris after it. Sadly I don't know how to start EGS without Lutris.

It will look something like this:


Oh btw I couldn't make Trackmania work, because I couldn't link my Epic and Ubisoft account! Aren't DRM just great?! Frak these people!

Anyway, Epic gives you free games every week. Sometimes one, sometimes two. This week it's HITMAN and the Shadowrun Collection (3 games), so it's technically four games this week.

I will create some tutorials later for some of the games, that requires some tweaking. So far from the games you can see above, these are the ones which works:

  • Enter the Gungeon
  • The Alto Collection
  • Shadowrun Collection (probaby, not tested)
  • God's Trigger (probably, not tested, based on ProtonDB)

Remnant: From the Ashes needs some modification, and then it works. Even on my potato computer! I played it, about half an hour. Expect a tutorial tomorrow! I promise.

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