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Linkblog (2021 February)
where I share things I find interesting

This is my linkblog page, where I share you some interesting links with short description, commentary. There will be archived pages every month, but this will page always show the actual month. Updated once a day, usually the afternoon, evening (Eu).

2021. February




  • Looks like there is a final demo for the System Shock remake from Nightdive. I hope I can try this out from GOG. Also if you pre-order the game right now (which means they are very close to release), you will get System Shock 2 enhanched edition too! (looks like I can't play anything UE4 related game so, I will just enjoy Razorfist's video when he is going to play it).
  • Gnome 40 beta is out, and you can try it out now! It's not from the future, despite it's version number, which might look like is from the 2080s. But no, we have to copy Google with changing version number shit, because they have GTK 4 now, even though GTK 3 never got fixed. And while it's a linkblog, I will never link the Gnome stuff on this site. So go search for it.
  • Since System Shock new demo is out, I will watch Razorfist's video about Prey demo. Arkane Studios the devs that tried to copy every good game Looking Glass ever made, hahahah.




  • Luke Smith analyze recipe sites, how bloated they are. This is the sad state of the web in general. These pages should be just static websites, instead they are full of ads, scripts, trackers and junk. He actually made an example to just strip everything from a 7 MB big website and make it 1 MB only (it still has the original pictures too). If you are a webdev, watch it and send it to your colleagues.
  • Empty Box did a video about Assetto Corsa: Shutoko Revival Project, a mod which makes the game pretty much like Tokyo Extreme Racer. AC is probably the best modable simulator right now, with tons of tracks, cars, hud mods, etc. As always his videos are perfectly good as ASMR.
  • If you are still using your browser's password manager, please stop it. If you want to geek out, use one of the terminal based password manager in this article.
  • Some at home workout with light weight. (video)
  • The latest GOG weekly sale has many Linux games.


  • Another bunch of nice Casios: NF-10 | 88CS-62 | giant World Time | inverted G-Shock
  • Do you play games on Linux and want to try out Epic Game Store? Here is a guide to do that! I like getting free games via EGS, I will never pay for a game on it.
  • Septor is a Linux distro, which helps you browse the internet anonymously.
  • With Xfce panel profiles you can save different panel configuration in Xfce. Really handy both for new and advanced users.
  • Do you use mpd for listening to music? Do you like using vim keys for navigation? Then vimpc might be for you.
  • Tim Pool and his guests talked about getting out of the big cities and living in the countryside. I think they are onto something. It's not normal for millions of people to live on each others toes. I lived in a city with only just 2 million people (biggest city in my country) and I hated it. One of the first steps we can do is to learn skills. Learn to cook (no more junk food, orders), learn to garden. learn to work with wood and other materials, etc.
  • "US news networks have enjoyed record ratings and profits thanks to Donald Trump. But now he’s no longer in power, how will they deal with their corresponding drop in ratings and profits?" - interesting video by Russell Brand.



  • Razorfist streamed on of the best stealth game of all time: Thief: Deadly Shadows - you might not agree with his politics, but his love for the Thief series is clear.
  • This looks so good: Vegan "Beef" & Broccoli that's BETTER Than Takeout. Let me see if I can find those soya things in the nearest supermarket… :)
  • Did you know, that you can use youtube-dl with GUI? Now is the chance to try something out. The base software is incredible useful, as it basically can help to archive stuff from not just youtube, but from many video sites.
  • I love the Irish twins, the Happy Pear. In this video they show us how to cook easy Korean noodles. I wonder if this works with spaghetti, as we don't have noodles around here. Talking about pasta, this recipe from also them, a baked pasta.
  • New DXVK is out (1.8), and it has some improvements for games, like HITMAN 3, F1 2020 and Nioh 2. Check it out, if you have hardware for these games.
  • Want to browse reddit, without opening a new browser tab, and you don't like the terminal based solutions? Giara might be your software. It uses GTK3, it looks OK, but probably not my cup of coffee.
  • LGR did a retrospective of Need for Speed II. For me, sadly it wasn't a good game (undrivable cars), compared to the first NFS, but I would gladly take a game like NFS II, and not the newest shit of the series. This game series has such a nostalgia for me!


  • Are you using the Cinnamon desktop environment? Here is a guide for you for customizing your desktop.
  • The Fifth Element movie is something else, as you can see in Critical Drinker's latest video essay. Personally I love the quirkiness of it all, and of course that opera segment!
  • A dating show on Twitch? Fake profiles, fake owners. What can go wrong? (video)
  • Is PogChamps is an Embarrassment for Chess? (video) It's a video from last year, where Hikuru shares his opinion about the PogChamps tournament, where twitch streamers are playing chess. Is it good for the game, or harmful?
  • Here is a review of Ubuntu Unity on Raspberry Pi 4. I personally liked Unity on the desktop, at least it was different. I don't like Ubuntu overall, and it was dumb from Canonical to give up on it, and just lay down to the Gnome Foundation.
  • If you liked the KDE kickoff menu, here is a solution how to get it on KDE Plasma 5.21.
  • Just found this interesting package for Emacs, called nano Emacs, looks like nano, plays like Emacs!


  • Luke Smith' latest video about Social media as social control, just 14 minutes that will question why do you use social media at all. Must watch in my opinion.
  • I saw many of my favorite streamers playing the game Valheim, which is survival game, built around Norse mythology, and it supports Linux, but now I read that the game in fact was developed mostly on Linux too! Wow, that's pretty cool, especially since the game is the most popular on Steam right now (playing numbers), and it sells really well. If you are interested in the genre, please check it out, and if you like the game, please thank you the devs for the Linux support in your Steam review!
  • This game will be sure, won't be controversial: Closed Hands is an upcoming interactive fiction examining extremism and radicalisation - if this will be free, I will definitely try this out, since the most people think about radicalization today is watching Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro videos, lol. And yes, I know about that ISIS radicalized people in the west, but honestly gaining influence over somebody usually boils down to bad education of the individual. The best thing we can do, is not just to have a better education system overall, but to be better parents for our kids!
  • I don't really use messaging software, but if you are still using WhatsApp for some reason, here are some alternatives to use. I have still yet to find one that doesn't require giving out my phone number.
  • Alan Popey wrote a month ago about digital gaming and hoarding, which I can definitely relate. Most of my stuff are games that I used to play as a child. Even last month I bought the Hexen series, played like 2 levels, and didn't continue, despite that my curiosity, since back then I didn't really play it, I was more into Dark Forces and Duke Nukem 3D at the time.
  • You want to read RSS, but don't know what reader to use? Check out QuiteRSS!
  • What is Steam Proton, and how it can help Linux gaming (more like Windows gaming on Linux). This little guide can help Linux beginners to see, that we have much more games available now that ever before.
  • Watch the Urban Gentry, as he speaks about watch history: How Seiko, Aliens & Giugiaro Made History: The Making Of A Watch Icon.
  • Russell Brand with some interesting thoughts about QAnon and human behavior. You should watch it!



  • Linux kernel 5.11 is here! OMGUbuntu has a nice about the new features. >> New Linux kernel 5.11
  • VLC 4.0 is coming soon (thank god they didn't go with the Gnome 40 version numbering stupidity)! It's probably the most popular video player on the planet. Personally I haven't used it in years, because for me mpv is just enough, but I have no problem with VLC. There will be many new features, but the new UI is at the forefront of them. >> VLC 4.0 new features and new UI
  • Slackware 15.0 is slowly, but surely coming! The latest news is the first version of alpha is here. Of course there is no release date, since the last stable release was in 2016. As always with alpha software, use it at your own risk! >> Slackware 15.0 alpha1
  • Another systemd-less distro is here with a new version, Devuan 3.1! If you like Debian, but doesn't like systemd, go check it out! It's the devs first update of the 3.0 series. >> Systemd-Free Devuan GNU/Linux 3.1 Distro Released for Freedom Lovers
  • Ben is one of my favorite watch collector/reviewer on youtube. The guy is passionate about watches, and his collection and interest is closer to mine in price range, so when he reviews something, I pay attention. His latest watch on display is the Casio Lineage LCW-M100TSE-1AER. >> "Probably The Greatest Watch Ever Made"…Really? | Casio Lineage LCW-M100TSE-1AER Review (video)
  • The Dark Mod has a new version. First this was a mod for Doom 3, but now it's a standalone game for many years, heavily inspired by the original Thief games, making it look modern. The latest update has great performance improvements and other stuff. I definitely recommend this mod, as it has many missions to play (all downloadable from in-game). full changelog

>> The Dark Mod 2.09 release

  • Winter is always the time of soup as it warms us up inside. Here is some variation for some plant-based soups.

>> Super Cozy Vegan Soup Recipes (video)

  • Are you using and Arch, but you want to try out Elementary's Pantheon desktop environment? Here are the steps to do it!

>> How to install Pantheon on Arch Linux


  • I found this tool, called Paleta, which can change your terminal color scheme very easily, and it works independently from your terminal emulator! I haven't tried it myself (maybe a post will come?)

>> Paleta Changes Terminal Colors On The Fly, Independently Of The Used Terminal Emulator

  • Carrot soup, probably I have never tried something like this. If you have a good blender, test this (I will this week!). Looks super easy to make.

>> Carrot coriander soup

  • New Firefox design! Because that's what we need?

>> Firefox Proton redesign

  • The Dark side of Rolex? The famous watchbrand in some legendary, but dark movies…

>> The Dark Side of Rolex

  • Viper: another browser that focuses on minimalism and privacy? Why do we need another browser? Well, because Mozilla doesn't do shit (other than redesigning their crappy software) with Firefox. This browser is made with Qt5.

>> Viper browser

  • A little bit of classical music never hurt our ear. And I'll remember Valentina Lisitsa's concert in the Royal Albert Hall. Not I was there personally, but I watched the youtube casting (back then when youtube was about videos and not politics). If you want some amazingly light music in your life, for 9 minutes just close your eyes…

>> Beethoven. Sonata 25 in G major ("Cuckoo"), Op. 79 Valentina Lisitsa


  • I always loved the first Iron Man's score by Ramin Djawadi, and recently I have found this mix. This is from all 3 movies, and certainly good music when you are doing some productivity stuff. Nice mix! (also it's really easy to just make an offline backup with youtube-dl)

>> Iron Man Trilogy Mix - Productivity Suite

  • I am not really a fan of Vim, although I like the directionaly shortcuts, but maybe there are some people who want to use this in LibreOffice. Brodie Robertson did this video recently.

>> VibreOffice: Even LibreOffice Gets Vim Emulation (video)

  • Richard Burns Rally is a very old game now, but thanks to the mods and an active community behind it, it still one of the best, if not the best rally sim. I might have to get out my DVD and install it (works perfectly with wine and gamepad too).

>> Here's Why This 15 YEAR OLD RALLY SIM Is Still One Of The Best (video)

  • This is what happens when you try to register an old winrar, with a key from 2021. Of course nobody registers WinRAR. xD

>> Registering WinRAR in 2021: How Far Back Does It Work? (video)

  • Chyrosran22's latest keyboard review is the Chicony KB-5160AT with Cherry MX White switches.

>> Chicony KB-5160AT review (Cherry MX White) (video)

  • If you love chickpea as I do, this video will help you with some great recipes.

>> The one ingredient every vegan needs in their pantry

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